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CPI Plunger limit Switches

5 Reasons You Can’t Kill Our Plunger Switches

CPI has been making waterproof limit switches in a variety of form factors for over 50 years now and the simple message about our switch products is: “built to last”.  Our stuff is tough, made of stainless steel and carefully engineered

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Waterproof switch line by CPI

Taking Limit Switches to the Limit

Applications for CPI limit switches are often safety related or critical to the performance of a machine where failure would be catastrophic. (or catastrophically expensive to fix…) Add requirements such as 5 million electro-mechanical cycles, precise actuation points, and a

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Waterproof Momentary Switch Technology

For extreme duty applications a mechanically activated momentary switch is often a critically necessary electronic component, and can also be a primary operational failure point. CPI’s line of Waterproof Momentary switches have been staying dry and operational for over 40

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Linear Position Sensor use in long stroke hydraulic cylinder

Position Sensing in Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders

Long stroke hydraulic cylinders commonly find use in equipment that is subject to extreme environments.  This includes heavy duty industrial equipment of the sort found in power plants, oil and gas exploration, deep sea applications, and high-end mobile hydraulics such

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Make The "Switch" to CPI

If your momentary switch application demands high performance, we think you should demand CPI. Please call us today to speak with our engineering team about your needs.

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