Plunger Switch – J4 Series

A Plunger Switch Built to Last – J4 Series

Waterproof Plunger Switches for heavy duty applicationsOur high-performance plunger switches use the same patented ball carrier design of the J4 ball switch which offers flexibility in mounting and actuator configuration. These ultra-rugged plunger switches can be configured for the most demanding applications with a wide variety of contact options


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Completely submersible (meets IP68)
  • Plunger seals, wiper seals and hardenend actuator configurations
  • Ultra high-temperature capability
  • Normally open and normally closed versions available

Variable parameters

Plunger Switch with mounted heatsink for high temp app.

  • plunger length
  • actuator shape/size
  • mounting thread
  • terminations
  • actuation force
  • travel parameters
  • sealed or vented extension
  • seal configuration
  • normally open and normally closed versions available


  • hatch / door interlock switch (amphibious military vehicles)
  • valve position sensing (diesel turbochargers, coking ovens)
  • cab down position sensing
  • service door interlock (safety shut-down)
  • hydraulic valve handle position sensing

J4 plunger data sheet thumbJ4 Plunger Data Sheet