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Thermal Switch Products – Engineered for Reliability

CPI has been designing and evolving electro-mechanical thermal switch products since it built its first thermal limit switches for the military in 1946. Our off-the-shelf (OTS) products are complemented by a design team that develops custom switches for OEM’S across the country providing deep expertise, and full documentation and testing of your custom thermal switch solution. All CPI switch products are designed and built in the USA.

The thermal switches offered by Control Products, like our freeze switch and thermostat switch, are suitable for industrial, military, and other applications that require the utmost in reliable electromechanical control and safety performance. They can perform to tight tolerances and programmable set points up to 1750F.

Thermal Switches


(0°F – 300°F)

Contact movement in the switch is achieved using a bimetallic snap disc. Snap action provides excellent shock and vibration immunity, quick response, and a broader temperature differential.

Set point range: 0°F-300°F (-17.8°C-148°C)


(0°F – 650°F)

CPI SnapStat Thermal Switch Family

Contact movement is achieved via the different expansion rates of two metals fused together. This is a slow-make-and-break device, which provides very close tolerance temperature sensing, with a small differential.

Set point range: 0°F-650F (-17.8°C-343°C)

Rod & Tube

(0°F – 1750°F)

Contact movement is achieved via differences in coefficients of expansion of two materials the outer tube and the internal rod. This product offers very rapid response time and very high temperature sensing.

Set point range: 0°F-1750°F (-18.3°C-954°C)

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thermal switches

CPI’s Thermal Switches fall into three primary categories, each with differing sensitivity and temperature profiles, each suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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ED001 electronic thermal switch

CPI Engineered Solutions are directed at specific complex requirements, where the product is created to fit the need without compromise.

Thermal Switch Engineered Solutions

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