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Versatile CPI Thermals Rack Up Design-In’s

There’s a reason why CPI Thermals feature so highly in so many Google search results for thermal switches. It seems even the artificially intelligent Google algorithm, has figured out that there aren’t many better results for “high temperature switches” or

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CPI Can Help Float Your Boat

Ok so maybe not literally “float” your boat but in the world of recreational watercraft or commercial boats, CPI’s line of waterproof switches have been a reliable, go-to solution over the years for many critical applications. While there are many

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Clean Technology for A Greener World

Progress toward lower carbon emissions, and greener power and transportation choices have created some amazing and exciting evolutions in technology. Green Technology goes alongside the concept of sustainability, which seeks to balance the efforts around protecting the environment, with a

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Aircraft Fire Detection – Spot Fire detection Systems

For Aircraft and aviation related components, reliable high temperature detection is a key system for preventing a wide variety of in-flight system failures, or activating fail-safe mechanisms especially in so-called “spot-fire detection” applications. Indeed CPI’s X1 thermal switch is often

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Truck Builders do the Electric Slide

If you haven’t been to a wedding lately you will be horrified to know that most wedding DJ’s are still dragging out the “Electric Slide” as a sure crowd pleaser and dance floor favorite. Being in technology however (and not

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Build on Your Momentum into 2023

If you’re a US based manufacturer like CPI, then perhaps you know that despite continued supply chain issues, labor shortages, an unexpected war, and an uncertain economic environment, the manufacturing industry largely surpassed the expectations of previous years in 2022.

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CPI waterproof Ball Switch And Plunger Switch

Hardened Ball & Plunger Switches Get the Job Done

Ball & Plunger switches in our J4 series continue to achieve new design-ins in applications where their small size and extreme durability can’t be matched. Under our stainless steel hood resides 75 years of experience making hardened, reliable switching components

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