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Galley Fire Prevention with CPI Thermal Switches

Commercial Kitchen Fires are no Joke

The kinds of kitchens that would require a thermal detector like CPI’s Rod & Tube series, are places that get very hot normally, like over a stove. The challenge for safety designers is letting things get hot, but not crazy

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CPI Rod&Tube Thermal Switches

A Unique Hi-Temp Thermal Switch

One of the most unique switches in the CPI product catalog, may be our high temperature line of thermal switches, know as “Rod & Tube” thermal switches. With the ability to operate at set points up to 1750F, the CPI

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Draw Wire Linear Position Sensor uses magnetostrictive transducer

Position Precision with CPI SL Series

In the more than 20 years CPI has been developing the world’s most robust and durable underwater draw wire position sensors, it’s fair to say we’ve learned a few things. For subsea hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic accumulators the use of

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Fire and Ice

For many of us the idea of fire and ice might conjure up memories of the first book in Game of Thrones. Throughout that tortured story, “winter is coming,” but the forces of dragon fire threaten to keep it at

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Work Truck Safety Switch Applications

With the 2024 work truck show in full swing, the broad category of “Work Trucks” or “vocational trucks” is very much on our minds. These trucks include vehicles from ambulances to class 8 heavy trucks weighing over 33,000 pounds .

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Work Truck Show 2024

The Work Truck Association™ has released the full Work Truck Week® 2024 schedule for North America’s largest yearly work truck event. It runs March 5–8, 2024, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Over 500 companies will be there sporting the latest trucks,

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Thermal Switches in Work Truck Applications

Harsh duty thermal switches like CPI’s have seen an evolution for over 70 years. Their tough operating capability and high degree of accuracy and dependability have made them ideal for military and tough commercial applications in aviation, construction, mining and

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2023 – The Year in Review

For those of us designing, or helping to design and manufacture big, beautiful machines, 2023 could only be described as a year of mixed results. The digital transformation of industry has continued in full force but the onset of PTSD

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Sensing Conveyance System Limits, with Limit Switches.

The mass production of food products is a fascinating business, requiring the specification of many different types of technology in many different operating environments. In some cases, massive amounts of raw food product has to be carefully cooked and packaged

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