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Truck Builders do the Electric Slide

If you haven’t been to a wedding lately you will be horrified to know that most wedding DJ’s are still dragging out the “Electric Slide” as a sure crowd pleaser and dance floor favorite. Being in technology however (and not

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Build on Your Momentum into 2023

If you’re a US based manufacturer like CPI, then perhaps you know that despite continued supply chain issues, labor shortages, an unexpected war, and an uncertain economic environment, the manufacturing industry largely surpassed the expectations of previous years in 2022.

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CPI waterproof Ball Switch And Plunger Switch

Hardened Ball & Plunger Switches Get the Job Done

Ball & Plunger switches in our J4 series continue to achieve new design-ins in applications where their small size and extreme durability can’t be matched. Under our stainless steel hood resides 75 years of experience making hardened, reliable switching components

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CPI Waterproof Switch Panel

Custom Waterproof Switch Panels – A Huge Timesaver

While many people are familiar with our waterproof switches and limit switch sensors, many don’t realize that CPI is in the business of providing these switches pre-mounted and pre-wired, in custom waterproof panels. These panels are then mounted to boats,

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For Everything But Cars, There’s CPI

In the “non-automotive vehicular” category, CPI switches have racked up hundreds of design-ins over the years. For sure, automakers could use our switches too but our reliability, durability and long life generally isn’t something they are willing to pay for.

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Waterproof micro switches

CPI 12 Volt Switches – An Enduring Legacy

For commercial applications of all kinds, switching 12 Volts is probably the most common bus voltage used with our sealed, waterproof limit switches. While CPI’s line of waterproof switches is rated to operate from 5V to 28V, 12 Volt applications

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CPI Waterproof Switches for Two Wire Sprinkler Systems

CPI – Helping Irrigate a Drier World

With a summer of record temperatures and unprecedented drought, the thoughts of many turn to irrigation systems and how to deploy them in a changing environmental landscape. Irrigation systems have evolved as key components of maintaining farm crops, preserving green spaces

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CPI Helps Lead the Wireless Charge

You can think of wireless vehicle charging as an enhanced version of wireless smartphone charging with one big difference:  The power required to generate  the required electric field is significantly higher. As the power goes up, a number of additional

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