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Interlock Switches

Our Interlock switches find a wide variety of uses as failsafe mechanisms in critical machinery under tough environmental conditions. In this application our line of waterproof E1-Series Limit Switches and J4-Series enclosed ball switches provided extended life and can be designed with custom actuators for your application.
The use of our rugged switch line is only limited by your imagination. All switch parameters can also be customized to your specifications.

Safety Interlock Switches

Used as safety interlock switches, our products can work together with hinged, sliding, or lift-off guards and barriers. When the guard is opened, the power supply to the machine is disconnected. Typical switches
CPI’s E1117 Interlock Switch CPI’s E1092 Interlock Switch CPI’s E1134 Interlock Switch

Some ways in which our clients use our Safety Interlock Switches include:

  • Our E1-Series limit switch prevents the driver from operating the wheels on a Backhoe/Loader when seat is out of position.
  • Used as a safety interlock on commercial turf equipment. If the mower deck not down then blade spin is impeded.
  • Outrigger Interlock. Prevents Operation of the lift if outriggers are not fully deployed. Prevent movement of the vehicle if outriggers not fully stowed

Door Interlock Switch

Our E1117 is used on Forklift trucks as a “battery door interlock”. If the battery tray door is not fully closed and latched the machine will not move. In another application a customized version of our E1103 is used to for Military Vehicles to detect the complete seal of armored doors on Jeeps and other vehicles. These applications all utilized the design team at CPI to produce custom mounting and actuation per specs, as well as complete in house and field testing.

Operator Presence Detection

Our E1283 Interlock switch finds a use in operator presence detection or a “dead man’s switch” application where sensing operator presence or engagement is key to the overall safety of both the operator and the machine.

PTO (Power Take-Off) Switching

In this application our E1117 is used as a safety control, to prevent engagement of power during the startup process. Power Take-Off is a common application for interlock switches and the idea can be applied to literally thousands of applications in commercial, industrial, and military machine design. Our switches excel in these applications due to their high electro-mechanical endurance and their tough, completely waterproof construction.

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