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Waterproof Switch Products – Small and Tough

CPI Waterproof Switches have been solving tough engineering problems for over 50 years. Our switches perform flawlessly under severe environmental conditions where traditional splashproof, weatherproof, or wash-down resistant sealed switches do not survive.

Our switches are truly waterproof.  Used in tough military and industrial switch applications, we stock a wide variety of switch types, as well as an engineering team that can provide complete customization of your waterproof switch solution.

For reliable operation under exposure to water, oil, humidity, sand, dirt, vibration, shock, and temperature, CPI’w waterproof switches get the job done.

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Momentary Switches – Pendant Style

Momentary Switches
CPI’s waterproof momentary switches are truly waterproof, not “splashproof” or “water resistant”. These sealed switches feature a unique manufacturing process which seals both the switch and the lead connections making the assembly extremely durable, and capable of extended electromechanical endurance ratings up to 5 million cycles. Our pendants can be customized for the right tactile feel for manual operation, or mounted in one of our many mounting brackets to achieve durable limit switch operation in your equipment.

  • Military grade (neoprene cover) per MS39058
  • Industrial grade (Santoprene cover)
  • Meet IP68
  • UL available
  • Normally open, closed, SPDT
  • Custom length Wire leads, cable or coil cord terminations

Maintained Contact Switches – Pendant Style

Maintained Contact SwitchesMaintained contact pendants are available with the same options as the momentary units. Extremely durable construction in a compact package make these unique problem solvers.

Limit Switches – E1 Series

Limit Switches - E1 SeriesWe offer many limit switch bracket designs, combining mounting and actuators into over 1,200 configurations. Our E1 Series brackets are all stainless steel and offer an economical and easily customizable limit switch solution. The E1 Series brackets can be coupled with most B Series basic switches, providing a broad array of application solutions.

Ball Switches – J4 Series

Ball Switches - J4 SeriesThe original J4 Series ball switch has a patented double seal ball carrier design, which prevents contaminates from jamming the ball, even in the depressed position.

Made from high grade stainless steel these ball switches see action in some of the toughest operational environments in the world.

Plunger Switches – J4 Series

Plunger Switches - J4 SeriesOur J4 series plunger switches leverage our hardened actuators and field proven ball switch design, making them among the most rugged plunger switches in the world.

Waterproof Switch Panels

Waterproof Switch PanelsWaterproof – truly submersible switch panels feature CPI’s rugged snap-action switches mounted on standard and custom stainless steel face plates. Resistant to solvents, oils, salt spray, UV, temperature cycling, these panels are ideal for long-term outdoor exposure, and can be mounted where others simply will not survive.

Engineered Solutions

cargo switchFor unique applications outside our standard product offering, contact us for an engineered designed.Engineered Solutions