Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

Waterproof Switches, Thermal Switches, And Linear Position Sensors
For Harsh Environments.

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Waterproof Switches Catalog

Waterproof Switches for Harsh Duty Applications

Momentary Switches & Pendants
Originally developed for military applications, our line of robust Waterproof Momentary Switches and Pendant Switches are unique problem solvers. Their compact, durable form factor has been used by hundreds of customers in Military, Industrial and Commercial applications.
Waterproof Microswitch Technology

CPI takes Micro-Switch Technology further with a rugged sealing design that is truly waterproof (submersible) not just splash proof. The patented ball carrier design of our Ball Switches and Plunger Switches maintain seal integrity through switch activation in harsh duty environments.

Harsh Duty Draw-Wire Linear Position Sensors For Extreme Environments.
CPI Sensors Now Intrinsic Safety Rated Both ATEX and IEC-EX Certified
Harsh Duty Draw Wire Sensors For Hydraulic Cylinders & Accumulators

CPI’s Linear Position Sensors can utilize either a Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) or a short rod magnetostrictive transducer as the core sensing technology in a patented configuration which makes them immune to high shock/vibration and extreme temperature swings. See All Our Linear Position Sensors

Why Rod-Type Sensors Fail To Survive In Mobile Hydraulic Cylinder Applications
Control Products’ first sales were to the US government in military applications and switches designed by CPI continue to be used extensively in military equipment. Today CPI provides creative control solutions to a diverse group of markets.