Brake Over-Temp Warning

X1 Switch w/ Wires

A fast-acting switch was needed as well as one that could be completely submerged. With a modification to our existing X1 switch product, integral wires were used in place of the standard screw terminals and an RTV back shell was employed.

Product Features

  • Glass-sealed terminals covered with either epoxy (up 350F) or RTV (up to 450F)
  • Integral Teflon-insulated 18AWG wires
  • Probe lengths variable from 2.25″ to 5.00″
  • 1/2-20UNF 3A thread (contact us for other thread size requests)
  • Vibration withstanding: 8.9 grms overall, 10Hz – 2kHz (see below for further certifications)


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