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Roller Ball Switches by CPI
Two variations of CPI’s roller ball switches

Ball Switches – J4 Series

CPI’s line of sealed roller ball switches are made of 100% stainless steel and boast a patented sealing mechanism that makes them 100% waterproof over millions of cycles. Variations including custom mounting for PCB’s or extended temperature range operation with our J4 B series models. All our ball switches come with pre-integrated and sealed leads in specifiable lengths, and can be ordered in normally open/closed configurations. Extended temperature switch versions are rated to operate from -40F to 302F. 

Ball Switch Construction and Customization

CPI’s ball switches utilize a patented “exclusion seal” which protects the operation of the switch under highly adverse conditions. The J4’s patented ball carrier design actually  prevents contaminates such as mud, dirt, ice, hardened sand, dust, etc. from jamming the ball even when it is depressed.

These switches are also ideal for heavy industrial equipment applications that are subject to the same conditions. The switches are completely submersible and are unaffected by water, salt spray, humidity, dirt, dust, sand, icing, oil, shock and vibration, or power washing operations.

CPI’s J4 Ball Switch Applications

The robust nature of this switch design have made it go-to product for many industrial and military systems.

Ball Switches for Dump Body Position Detection

  • Watertight hatch door closed
  • Hydraulic valve position detection
  • Neutral Safety detection in Military Vehicles
  • Cab Down detection for trucks and transports
  • Agricultural and farming equipment where it survives when exposed to corrosive chemicals.
  • Door alarm detection
  • Parking Brake Detection
  • Misc Safety alarm applications

CPI Ball Switch Customizations

On our website we feature a number of representative switch configurations but fully custom form factors, electrical specs, and lead lengths are orderable from the factory so you can “plug ‘n play” in your application. Contact the engineering team at CPI today to discuss your switch requirements. (973) 887-9400.

fire truck outrigger safety limit switch
Hagie Sprayer uses CPI Ball Switch

Electrical Ratings 28VDC, 5A

Endurance: (28VDC)
5A 100,000 cycles
Please consult the factory for your electrical and endurance requirements
Operating Temperature:
J4001 / J4002 -40ºF to 257ºF
J4311 / J4312 -40°F to 302°F

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