What is a Rocker Switch?

A switch is an electromechanical device which opens and closes contacts to control the flow of electrical current. A rocker switch is a subset of manually actuated switches, where the interface is an actuator (or rocker) which rocks or pivots about a center point, typically providing either two or three positions. Rocker switches can be momentary or maintained (spring return or stay on, stay off) and can be mounted into a panel or pendant assembly. Applications for rocker switches range from household items, such as the power switch on the back of a computer to heavy equipment controls, military field equipment and a wide variety of harsh duty applications.

Waterproof Rocker Switches by CPI

CPI’s K1005 waterproof rocker switchCPI’s K1 Series rocker switch is a unique problem solver for the most demanding harsh environment applications. It is a part of our waterproof product offering, and is therefore truly submersible – not just splashproof or water resistant. The compact form factor of the K1 Series rocker switches makes this product ideal for tactical military applications such as gun sighting and night vision systems

While these “Pendant Style” switches can be mounted for hand actuation, they are more commonly placed in one of our stainless steel mounting brackets for insertion into a wide variety of machines. Our off the shelf mounting configurations include roller arms, simulated roller, lever actuation, pipe mounting and more. We also make custom brackets for specific specifications.

CPI Limit Switch for Sandblaster Handle

Handle Mount for Sandblaster Safety Switch

Simulated Roller Limit Switch

Simulated Roller with angle mounting bracket

Pipe mount Pendant Switch

Toggle Switch in pipe mounting configuration

Rocker Switch Products from CPI

Some Rocker Switch Applications

CPI Rocker switches find uses in a wide variety of industries and applications where a harsh environment demands a tough, well engineered solution. Our switches find homes in a vast array of industries including welding equipment, military field gear, personal watercraft, and as a joystick peripheral in heavy duty construction equipment.

Call CPI today to see whether your application is tough enough for our rocker switches. Our engineers are glad to discuss your unique design requirements.