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Heavy Duty Limit Switches - The CPI E1 Series

CPI Limit switches see widespread use in the toughest Military and Industrial applications owing to the robustness of the design and manufacturing of these parts. Despite this they are among the most affordable waterproof limit switches in this class, with quantity pricing often an order of magnitude below similar offerings from Honeywell, Eaton, and Otto.  We’ve been making these parts since 1946 and there seems to be a few things about high quality USA based manufacturing that our competitors haven’t quite figured out yet.

Our industrial models feature Santoprene sealed actuators designed to push the limits of electromechanical endurance.  For extended temperature ranges, our Neoprene sealed switches can operate over the full Mil-Spec range.

CPI Limit Switches are used extensively as door or hood interlocks on both commercial and military vehicles, and as general safety interlock switches. Both Hydraulic and Electric linear actuators, use our switches for start/stop and travel limit detection.

Limit Switches with Unlimited Potential

E1 with sealed connector

When you combine CPI’s industrial and military grade Momentary Contact Switches with the E Series bracket and actuator line, the result is a broad line of limit switches that can be configured for your specific applications.  Many combinations of travel parameters, roller lever mounting configurations and endurance capabilities are offered as standard products.

Limit Switch Mounting Bracket Customization

Of course, modifications to standards and completely custom brackets and actuators are also available.  All brackets are fabricated from 302 or 304 stainless steel. Actuators are made of 17-7ph stainless steel.

Electrical Ratings -28VDC / 120VAC 5A resistive, 3A inductive

Endurance: (12VDC Resistive)
2A, 5A100,000 cycles
10A, 15A25,000 cycles
*Extended life versions available up to 5 million cycles. (load dependent)
Operating Temperature:
Santoprene Seal-40ºF to 221ºF
Neoprene Seal-65°F to 165°F

For more information on CPI Limit Switches, see our products below or contact us.

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