CPI Waterproof Pendant Switches

Waterproof Pendant SwitchesCPI Waterproof momentary switch, pendant style switch for blood squibs

Falling under the general banner of “pendant switches” are CPI’s B2 – B5 series of sealed, high endurance, momentary and maintained waterproof switches.  These pendant switches are designed to be completely waterproof, and have some of the most robust operational capabilities of any switch of this type in the world. High endurance versions of this switch have demonstrated electromechanical endurance of over 1 million cycles of contact actuation without failure.

Unlike common tubular pendant switches (nursing station call buttons, etc..), CPI pendant switches have a flatter, completely sealed form that facilitates their ability to be waterproof, robust and extremely versatile.

waterproof momentarypendantCPI Pendants are designed for either hand actuation by an operator, or insertion into one of our many mounting bracket options. Either way, CPI pendant switches leverage of 70 years experience designing electromechanical switching solutions for high reliability military and industrial applications. Our overmolded switch designs find uses in everything from mountain bikes, to submarines and our patented manufacturing processes allow us to achieve cost effective production, right here in the USA.

All this experience customizing waterproof switches makes our products some of the most versatile in the world.

Pendant Switches with Specifiable Electronic and Mechanical Options

Need to run up to 5A through your switch?  We can do that. Want a switch that lasts virtually forever? How does 1 million active cycles sound?! Worried about the cold?  Don’t be. CPI’s Santoprene switches operate down to -50F without any contact freezing.

Here are just some of the key parameters that are specifiable within the standard product line:

Hook Style pendant switch

CPI’s Hook Mount combined with our B5154 Momentary Switch are commonly used where flexibility in operator positioning during usage are require. When you’re done the switch is hooked to an available overhead pipe or bar.

  1. Both Normally Open/Closed options available.
  2. Designed for immunity to high vibration environments.
  3. Extended Temperature Operation versions (Using Neoprene version extends low temperature range to -65F; Santoprene upper temperature to +221F)
  4. Lead lengths specifiable for your application
  5. Voltage and current ratings.  Can handle up to 5A.
  6. Electro-mechanical endurance up to 1 million cycles.
  7. Sealed design is 100% waterproof and submersible (IP68).
  8. Tactile options can be specified for better operator feel.
  9. CPI pendant switches can be installed in one of dozens of mounting brackets to make machine actuated switches and sensors used worldwide in thousands of machines.

CPI Pendant Switch Manual Operations

When most people think of a pendant style switch, they think of one that is operated by hand.  Here are just a few of the ways customers are using our hand actuated Pendant switches.

Engine Start/StopLift-Gate controlPush-To-Talk
Generator On/Off Squib FiringBoat Lift Control
Safety Light On/Off Remote Weapons FiringTrash Compactor Control
Winch Control Horn ControlSafety light indicator on/off

For details on most of our standard product line, see the pictures below. For military or custom applications, all electrical and mechanical parameters can be specified as a custom part by calling the factory.