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Our waterproof momentary contact switches are totally submersible and are designed to preserve seal integrity even during activation over a long life. Our switch design utilizes an extremely robust snap-action contact mechanism protected by Mil-Grade Neoprene or industrial grade Santoprene casings. This basic waterproof momentary switch design is incorporated into our E Series limit switch brackets and actuators, and it can also be ordered as a stand-alone waterproof pushbutton switch (a “pendant style” switch).

Electrical Ratings 28VDC / 120VAC 5A resistive, 3A inductive

Endurance: (12VDC Resistive)
2A, 5A 100,000 cycles
10A, 15A 25,000 cycles
*Extended life versions available up to 5 million cycles. (load dependent)
Operating Temperature:
Santoprene Seal -40ºF to 221ºF
Neoprene Seal -65°F to 165°F

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