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CPI 12v Switches For Demanding Applications

CPI 12v Waterproof Switches for Work Trucks

One of the most common applications for CPI switches is when they are configured as in 12v systems as safety switches, interlock switches or manually activated as when they are mounted on steering wheels of work trucks, fork lifts, even motorcycles and mountain bikes.

12v switches are commonly called for in many industrial vehicle designs for everything from horns and alarms, to outrigger proximity detectors in fire engines and backhoe-loaders. The 12V bus is standard for most power supplies and all CPI switches are rated from 5v to 28v so 12v dc operation is perfectly in our sweet spot. Furthermore these switches are fully industrial IP68 rated.

CPI Waterproof Switches are among the most durable 12v switches you will find in the world. They are truly waterproof unlike many marine switches which are simply splashproof.  Our switches are fully sealed and fully submersible, sealed in either Santoprene or Neoprene, including where the leads attach. These options also allow for extended temperature ranges including cold operation down to -40F without contact sticking.

Vehicle Applications for CPI 12V Waterproof Switches

Designers select our 12V switches because their applications are usually outdoor or because they anticipate a harsh duty operational environment. Our 12V switches are rated for over 50,000 cycles (depending on amperage being switched), and are all but impervious to extreme vibration or extended operating temperatures. Here’s a few examples of our most popular 12v Switch variations.

CPI Waterproof On/Off Switches

K1005 shown with optional E1057 bracket for surface mounting.

A great example of our 12v waterproof switch line includes this K1005 rocker switch. This is a maintained contact, on/off type switch, typically available with a neoprene cover. The switch has positive tactile actuation and is available in 2 wire and two conductor cable.

This 12v switch, and all CPI 12v Switches, can be placed in a variety of mounting brackets. These brackets can allow for fixed mounting on a dashboard, pipe mounting, or flexible mounting using a hook mount for flexible operator positioning.

Custom mounting options are available from the factory.


CPI Waterproof 12v Rocker Switches

Pipe mount Pendant Switch A great example of our 12v Rocker Switch in action is our K1007 SPST Maintained Rocker Switch. With our standard Neoprene seal this switch operates from -60F to 180F without issue and can be specified with current capability up to 15A or electromechanical endurance up to 5 million cycles.  And don’t forget that like all our waterproof switches, the K100X series of Waterproof rocker switches is truly waterproof:  not splashproof or water resistant.

Pictured here, is our pipe mounting option.

CPI 12v Switches – Waterproof Durability

When designers don’t want to take a chance on field failures, or switch failure in critical safety applications, they often end up at CPI’s doorstep.

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