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CPI Military Switching Products

CPI – Keeping Military Personnel Safe for almost 80 Years Unless you are a rabid CPI company history buff, (like us) you may not know that CPI’s original switch parts developed back in 1946, were thermal switches designed for transport… Continue reading CPI Military Switching Products

Rapid Assault Tools Facilitated by Rapid Prototyping.

In the continuing annals of applications we could never have imagined our waterproof switches being used for, comes the story of Rapid Assault Tools. If you’re a police officer, a special forces unit, or firefighter, getting through a locked door… Continue reading Rapid Assault Tools Facilitated by Rapid Prototyping.

Truck Builders do the Electric Slide

If you haven’t been to a wedding lately you will be horrified to know that most wedding DJ’s are still dragging out the “Electric Slide” as a sure crowd pleaser and dance floor favorite. Being in technology however (and not… Continue reading Truck Builders do the Electric Slide

CPI Thermal Switches Are Heating Up

The vast majority of thermal switch applications we get have to do with keeping things from getting too hot. Just a few examples of this include: Gally fire detection Avionics Bay Over Temperature Brake over temperature warnings Hydraulic fluid temperature… Continue reading CPI Thermal Switches Are Heating Up

Military Grade Waterproof Switches

At CPI, we’ve been telling people for years about the robustness and reliability built into every USA designed and manufactured waterproof switch that we make. For applications from recreational vehicles, to advanced military and avionics applications, CPI switch hardware gets… Continue reading Military Grade Waterproof Switches

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