Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

What is a Micro Switch?

So called “Micro Switches” have been around for many years and are made by a large variety of manufacturers.  While the Micro Switch trademark is owned by Honeywell (who did not invent it, merely purchased it…), it has become part of… Continue reading What is a Micro Switch?

Electromechanical Switch Endurance

If you’re an engineer concerned about the reliability of your switch in a hostile, demanding operational environment, then you’re worried about electromechanical switch endurance. In applications like limit switches, safety interlock switches, door open/close switches, and many others, failure of… Continue reading Electromechanical Switch Endurance

Applying Smart Hydraulic Cylinders

What is a Smart (Hydraulic) Cylinder? Smart hydraulic cylinders gain their name from the fact that highly accurate position sensing electronics are integrated with the hydraulics in a single actuator.  Thus these cylinders are “smart” about understanding cylinder position allowing… Continue reading Applying Smart Hydraulic Cylinders

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