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What “Oppenheimer” Missed about Hydrogen

In the movie “Oppenheimer” one of the key plot points is the discussion of the development of the hydrogen bomb vs. the original atomic bomb. While the atomic bomb operates on nuclear fission, the hydrogen bomb is both a fission… Continue reading What “Oppenheimer” Missed about Hydrogen

CPI Military Switching Products

CPI – Keeping Military Personnel Safe for almost 80 Years Unless you are a rabid CPI company history buff, (like us) you may not know that CPI’s original switch parts developed back in 1946, were thermal switches designed for transport… Continue reading CPI Military Switching Products

Versatile CPI Thermals Rack Up Design-In’s

There’s a reason why CPI Thermals feature so highly in so many Google search results for thermal switches. It seems even the artificially intelligent Google algorithm, has figured out that there aren’t many better results for “high temperature switches” or… Continue reading Versatile CPI Thermals Rack Up Design-In’s

Clean Technology for A Greener World

Progress toward lower carbon emissions, and greener power and transportation choices have created some amazing and exciting evolutions in technology. Green Technology goes alongside the concept of sustainability, which seeks to balance the efforts around protecting the environment, with a… Continue reading Clean Technology for A Greener World

Aircraft Fire Detection – Spot Fire detection Systems

For Aircraft and aviation related components, reliable high temperature detection is a key system for preventing a wide variety of in-flight system failures, or activating fail-safe mechanisms especially in so-called “spot-fire detection” applications. Indeed CPI’s X1 thermal switch is often… Continue reading Aircraft Fire Detection – Spot Fire detection Systems

CPI Helps Lead the Wireless Charge

You can think of wireless vehicle charging as an enhanced version of wireless smartphone charging with one big difference:  The power required to generate  the required electric field is significantly higher. As the power goes up, a number of additional… Continue reading CPI Helps Lead the Wireless Charge

Thermal Sensing for Avionics

CPI’s X1 thermal switch is being increasingly used by both American and European avionics manufacturers and integrators as their thermal switch of choice for spot detection of overtemperature conditions in systems throughout the aircraft. Recent integrations include FAA approval as a Fenwal… Continue reading Thermal Sensing for Avionics

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