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Build on Your Momentum into 2023

If you’re a US based manufacturer like CPI, then perhaps you know that despite continued supply chain issues, labor shortages, an unexpected war, and an uncertain economic environment, the manufacturing industry largely surpassed the expectations of previous years in 2022.… Continue reading Build on Your Momentum into 2023

Making Waves With Bryant Boats

Have you ever seen folks surfing off the wakes of boats? Well, our J4311 is used on the wake generating trim tabs on Bryant Boats. Boats = Water = CPI applications! Thought this was worth noting as one last glimpse… Continue reading Making Waves With Bryant Boats

Vermeer Update

As you may know, Vermeer is our #1 customer, and the world’s largest wood chipper manufacturer. CPI continues to be a valued supplier here, and, as you know we enjoyed the recognition of their supplier award, thanks to a job… Continue reading Vermeer Update

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