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CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

Sometimes you need a switch that’s really, truly waterproof. Not just water-resistant or “splash-proof. And if you want one with carefully manufactured durability and extended temperature operation, well you’ve narrowed down the field even further. For tough marine or outdoor… Continue reading CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

CPI 12v Switches For Demanding Applications

One of the most common applications for CPI switches is when they are configured as in 12v systems as safety switches, interlock switches or manually activated as when they are mounted on steering wheels of work trucks, fork lifts, even… Continue reading CPI 12v Switches For Demanding Applications

Why the Military Trusts CPI Switches

Despite the economic roller coaster driving procurement and buying challenges around the globe, it turns out the defense of the nation is an area that can’t wait for an inconvenient pandemic to be over. Programs in the works for upgrades… Continue reading Why the Military Trusts CPI Switches

CPI Switches Work Hard on Work Trucks

The class of vehicles commonly known as “work trucks” have long been a primary market for CPI’s waterproof limit switches. There are a few main reasons for this: Reliability – The joy of saving a couple bucks by buying an… Continue reading CPI Switches Work Hard on Work Trucks

University of Waterloo “WATSUB” Revisited

Every year, the International Submarine Races are hosted by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division. This is one of the largest model ship testing facilities in North America and engineering teams from all over the world compete to see who… Continue reading University of Waterloo “WATSUB” Revisited

CPI Helps Tugboats in Harsh Duty Environments

There are many kinds of workboats in the world from fishing boats, to ferry’s, to cargo loaders, dredging boats, fire fighting boats, you name it. But in all these, the ubiquitous Tugboat surely holds a special place. We spend a… Continue reading CPI Helps Tugboats in Harsh Duty Environments

CPI Sponsors International Submarine Races

In June of this year, CPI was approached to help sponsor an entry in the 14th International Submarine Race held June 22-26 at the U. S. Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Carderock test tank facility in Bethesda, MD. The contest is… Continue reading CPI Sponsors International Submarine Races

The Not-So-Simple Start Switch.

Behold the simple yet much misunderstood start switch, deployed ubiquitously throughout every corner of the world, almost everywhere there is an electronic motor or actuator of some type. Simple matter of closing a couple contacts you say?  Well we beg… Continue reading The Not-So-Simple Start Switch.

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