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CPI 12 Volt Switches – An Enduring Legacy

Waterproof micro switches

For commercial applications of all kinds, switching 12 Volts is probably the most common bus voltage used with our sealed, waterproof limit switches. While CPI’s line of waterproof switches is rated to operate from 5V to 28V, 12 Volt applications are certainly the sweet-spot for most of our customers and so it bears discussion of exactly how our offering is unique amongst most of the 12V switches you will find during your average Google search.

Serious 12 Volt Switch Flexibility

CPI has been making and improving our line of waterproof switches right here in the USA for over 75 years, so we’ve learned a few things about what makes a switch keep on working reliably, long after other 12V Switches have failed. To understand flexibility within the CPI product line you need to understand a few basic things about our approach.

1. CPI switching or sensing solutions start with one of our sealed Pendant Switches which can be hand operated, or mounted to a panel, a printed circuit board, or any piece of metal using one of our standard mounting brackets.  On these you can specify things like endurance rating, button height, button force, normally open/closed, spst or spdt, current rating, electromechanical endurance desired (standard rating is over 100,000 cycles at 12V, 5A, more than enough for most.) CPI pendant switches inside our mounting brackets are still a very small assembly for something that is so durable and high performing allowing us to be designed into tight spots where other high durability waterproof switches don’t fit.

2. You can also mix most of our 12 volt switches with actuator brackets. These still allow you to mount the switch to something but they also provide a lever, simulated roller, roller, or other mechanical actuator which can be moved to provide the switch button depression/release.  The combination of switch type + mounting bracket + wiring = a fully specified mechanically actuated switch assembly.

Waterproof Roller Limit Switch

Examples of our Switches in 12V applications

Waterproof dump body limit switch (E1092)
CPI’s B9112 in an E1092 Actuator Bracket

What Happens When There Is NO Dump Body Detect Switch As an example, imagine one of our switches mounted on the back of a dump truck in a “Dump Body Detect” application. For this we have in the past used our E1092 simulated roller bracket with our B9112 momentary switch. When the dump body is raised the switch is mechanically depressed by the gear assembly and sets off an audible alarm and a red light in the cab and may affect the ability of the truck to move, until the bed is lowered again. 

We produce this solution with a long lead length and custom termination to allow the manufacturer to easily fit our parts into their assembly process. These stainless steel brackets mated with any of our B-Series switches, are highly durable and designed to remain operational in all kinds of weather and vibration profiles.

Other examples of our switches in 12Volt applications include:

  • Neutral safety detection
  • Operator presence detection (Dead man’s seat)
  • Outrigger deployment/retraction confirmation
  • Hatch open/closed detection
  • Truck Hood open/closed detection
  • Hydraulic position detection
  • Anti two block applications for Cranes
  • Bilge pump manual operation
  • Power On/Off on watercraft
  • Fork lift and Scissor lift alarms

And so many more. If you have a 12V switch application you’d like to discuss, please call our engineering team today and make sure to visit https://cpi-nj.com/12v-waterproof-switches/


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