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For Everything But Cars, There’s CPI

In the “non-automotive vehicular” category, CPI switches have racked up hundreds of design-ins over the years. For sure, automakers could use our switches too but our reliability, durability and long life generally isn’t something they are willing to pay for. But in the category of non-automotive vehicular, we are doing quite well thank you. And In this category, perhaps nowhere have we been more successful than in the subcategory of these vehicles known as “work trucks.”

Work trucks include just about any vehicle that isn’t a car or SUV, from mountain bikes, to motorcycles to Humvee’s to forklifts to firetrucks.  That’s just a few. A few things all these vehicles have in common though, make our switches a common choice for systems used in these vehicles.

  1. Most work trucks operate continuously or at least for long hours every day, racking up wear and tear faster than other types of vehicles.
  2. Works trucks operate outside in the rain, snow, sleet, and hail, under freezing cold, and sweltering heat.
  3. Mechanical systems on work trucks are often high power and effect human safety. Having switches or sensors that fail just isn’t an option.
  4. The cost of repairing faulty safety switches in the field is significant both in terms of repair cost and the amount of time the vehicle is out of service.
  5. Switches need to be small, lightweight and reliable to fit inside or near machinery.
  6. A variety of voltage and current ratings may be necessary. Our switches cover up to 28Vac and 5A while maintaining high endurance.

In short, this class of vehicles was born to use CPI’s hardened waterproof switches for many of their primary operator control switches, or safety limit switch applications.

Work Truck Application for CPI Waterproof Limit Switches

Outrigger Locking Detection– On bucket trucks, fire engines, cranes, and other vehicles that use outriggers for stability, CPI Waterproof Limit switches detect when the outrigger is full extended and locked into position.

PON/POFF Applications – On many types of work trucks, supplementary hydraulic controls require operator manipulation to turn on and off.  CPI Pendant style switches are completely sealed and provide the electromechanical endurance operators need to turn on or manually control critical equipment.

Liftgate Control– A common application for our switches is to control the up and down motion of a liftgate, especially since these systems are often mounted outside, on the liftgate itself.

Dump Body Detect– Stories of dump trucks flying down the highway with the dump body up are sadly, all too real. Dump truck manufacturers need a reliable safety limit switch  like our E1092 to raise alarms in the cab when the dump body is extended.

Cranes– Whether they be truck mounted cranes or full construction cranes, cranes of all types and sizes have made use of our E1 waterproof limit switches in anti-two-block safety systems owing to their robustness and small form factor.  They also use our J4 ball switch in hydraulic valve position detection applications using our specialized valve mounting brackets.

Sanitation Trucks – Use our waterproof limit switches pre-mounted into a stainless steel control panel to control compressor and lift gate operations on the vehicle.

Weatherproof Switch Panels– CPI has custom made switch panels and wiring for all kinds of vehicles who want a weatherproof, prewired option. Luckily all our waterproof switch come with panel mounting capability for use in any application.

CPI Safety Limit Switches were Made for Work Trucks…

For OEM’s working in those “non-automotive vehicular” industries, it seems unwise to take a chance on safety system sensors or limit switches, with cheap, offshore produced switches.  All CPI switches are designed and made in the USA right here in our East Hanover NJ Factory. Despite this, our switches often cost less in quantity than comparable switches by Honeywell, Eaton, and Otto.

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