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Recreational Vehicles Discover CPI

Actually CPI is not new to the recreational vehicle market. A long time ago, some smart engineer working for a boat manufacturer realized that a completely sealed waterproof switch with dozens of mounting options that was good enough for the… Continue reading Recreational Vehicles Discover CPI

Electromechanical Switches in Work Vehicles are Here To Stay

As a maker of some of the worlds premier, high durability, electromechanical switches, we can now say for sure that there are some things no other switch technology can do.

CPI Switches Race for Glory

Vintage Indy car racing might not be a place you would expect to find CPI’s Waterproof Switches, but when you think about it, what better place for a switch that has to perform reliably 100% of the time? For those… Continue reading CPI Switches Race for Glory

CPI Chips Away at Forestry Equipment Market

CPI Chips Away at Forestry OEM’s Another industry that has discovered the special qualities of CPI waterproof limit switches is certainly in the area of forestry equipment manufacturers. Consider the operational characteristics of your average wood chipper: Sits out in… Continue reading CPI Chips Away at Forestry Equipment Market

EV Charging Stations look to CPI Switches

CPI Helps Charging Stations Fulfill the Promise of Electric Vehicles It seems like every day that goes by, electric car charging stations are popping up in more and more places. So called EV stations (Electro-Voltaic), are on a mission to… Continue reading EV Charging Stations look to CPI Switches

Electromechanical Limit Switches in Mobile Equipment

Back in the 1990’s, construction equipment manufacturers were filled with talk about completely eliminating switches with contacts by the year 2000.  Concerns over environmental sealing, failures due to contact contamination or degradation over time due to arcing in high-endurance applications drove this… Continue reading Electromechanical Limit Switches in Mobile Equipment

CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

Sometimes you need a switch that’s really, truly waterproof. Not just water-resistant or “splash-proof. And if you want one with carefully manufactured durability and extended temperature operation, well you’ve narrowed down the field even further. For tough marine or outdoor… Continue reading CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

Make The "Switch" to CPI

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