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Momentary Switches for Extreme Duty – Reducing Failure Rates

Momentary Switch Design Parameters

Extreme duty applications that require a momentary switch with ultra harsh environmental and duty cycle requirements  call for more than just a “weatherproof” or “splashproof” rated component. For more than 40 years CPI’s has made precisely engineered waterproof switches for the Military and Heavy Equipment industries that meet the most stringent requirements for long term operation.  By expertly trading off the many conflicting design requirements necessary to achieve an overall balance between robustness and cost, CPI has been able to meet an important niche of momentary switch operating specifications.  Not to mention that our switches are truly “waterproof”, not water-resistant.  You can’t drown our stuff…(-:

Some of the design considerations for our switches include the following:

  1. Operating Temperature Range. CPI has engineered our Pendant switches to avoid basic switch“freezing” at operating temperatures down to -65F.  (MS39058)
  2. Contact travel and pre-travel – These critical parameters affect MTBF directly and must be adjusted to achieve the specified cycle lifetime
  3. Mechanical Endurance – CPI has achieved cycle endurance of over 1 million cycles rated for high dynamic temperature environments, with careful design of mechanical switch parameters, and new manufacturing techniques for sealing.
  4. Actuator Style – The actuator used for our momentary switch configurations can be specified: either plunger, lever, roller ball, or hand actuated pendant style switches. All with unique engineering challenges to achieve an overall requirement.
  5. Circuit type – Normally Open/Closed and current requirements can be specified for any switch we build, including the challenge of designing for high startup loads.
  6. Mounting & Packaging. CPI provides a wide variety of packaging options with any switch. Each present unique challenges for design and operation that CPI’s experienced engineering can solve.

CPI Momentary Switches For Custom Applications

At CPI our engineering team has made and manufactured custom switches for industrial, aerospace and military environments, for over 40 years. Our partnership with OEM’s goes beyond just design but carries through to the manufacturing and field qualification of our units to achieve all program goals. Based in East Hanover NJ, all our products are designed and manufactured in the USA, and commitment to solving your design problems and manufacturing cost effectively make our value proposition dominant in the industry.

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If your momentary switch application demands high performance, we think you should demand CPI. Please call us today to speak with our engineering team about your needs.

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