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Waterproof 12 V Switch Products – Tough & Versatile With Long Life

CPI 12V waterproof switches include dozens of standard variations and are truly waterproof, not “splashproof” or “water resistant.”  

Our basic sealed pendant switch operates at 12V and up to 15 Amps and can be operated manually, or mounted in one of dozens of mechanical actuators or switch panels. Applications requiring limit switches, PTO, outrigger position detection or neutral safety are common but your imagination is the only real limit on our limit switches.

Our stainless steel actuator mounting brackets provide reliable mechanical activation in a small footprint. Used for hatch open detection on boats and naval vessels, bilge pump motor, position alarm activation, and much much more.

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What Makes CPI Waterproof 12V Switches Unique?

Our 12 Volt switches are really designed for control and sensing applications in outdoor equipment.  They can be hand actuated, or placed in one of our many mounting brackets for mechanical actuation. Our unique advantages boil down to a few key points 

1. Extremely high endurance. Think no in-warranty field failures. Depending on the switch and the electrical parameters, we have endurance ratings as high as 5 million cycles. Typical 12 volt switches come rated at 100,000 cycles when running 5A resistive loads, but high endurance upgrades are available.

2. Small Form Factor . With our wide variety of mounting brackets, and small footprint, our switches can fit into tight spots.

3. Extended Temperature Range – Near the blazing heat of an engine block, or in the freezing cold depths of a navy submarine, our 12 Volt switches avoid thermal lockup and chatter due to their unique and careful design.

4. Customizable Lead lengths and terminations – In addition to customizable electrical and actuation characteristics, customer can specify lead lengths, terminations, and wire insulation types to make installation easier. Connections at the switch can be fully waterproof sealed as well.

CPI’s waterproof momentary switches are truly waterproof, not “splashproof” or “water resistant”. These sealed switches feature a unique manufacturing process which seals both the switch and the lead connections making the assembly extremely durable, and capable of extended electromechanical endurance ratings up to 5 million cycles. Our 12 Volt pendants can be customized for the right tactile feel for manual operation, or mounted in one of our many mounting brackets to achieve durable limit switch operation in your equipment.

CPI 12 Volt Switch Key Features

  • Endurance over 100,000 cycles at 12V, 5A. Extended endurance versions available.
  • Military grade with extended temperature ratings (neoprene cover) per MIL-S39058
  • Standard switches are industrial grade (Santoprene cover)
  • Meets IP68 standards
  • UL and European CE marking, available
  • Normally open, closed, SPDT options for momentary switches.
  • Button height and force options can be specified
  • Switch contact upgrades available for longer life under high current conditions
  • Custom length Wire leads, cable or coil cord terminations

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