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CPI Switches Work Hard on Work Trucks

Dump Body Detect Switch

The class of vehicles commonly known as “work trucks” have long been a primary market for CPI’s waterproof limit switches. There are a few main reasons for this:

  1. CPI Pre-wired waterproof dual switch panelReliability – The joy of saving a couple bucks by buying an offshore made limit switch, is quickly replaced by the frustration, expense, and potential lawsuits that can come from field failures of limit switches in safety related systems.
  2. CPI hardened switches are among the most durable and versatile in the world. Our small form factor pendant switches coupled with carefully designed and tough stainless steel mounting brackets allow our basic switches to be used in almost any work truck position or safety sensing application without custom designs.
  3. Electro-mechanical Endurance – In warranty failures are expensive, but with ratings of up to 1 million cycles of electromechanical endurance, our switches will most likely outlast your commercial vehicle.
  4. True Waterproof Performance – Depending on your desired temperature rating, our switches are sealed in either Neoprene or Santoprene by a proprietary manufacturing process, including the lead connections. When we say that you can operate our switches underwater, we mean it.
  5. Economical – In quantity, our switches are extremely cost-effective despite being of such high quality. That’s because they don’t often fail in the field and our semi-custom manufacturing saves truck manufacturers assembly time and money.
  6. Made in USA – All our switches are designed and manufactured in the USA. No worrying about embargo’s, tariff’s, or other disruptions in your offshore supply chain.

Versalift Bucket Truck using CPI Limit Switches







Types of Vehicles using CPI Waterproof Limit Switches

Any non-automotive commercial vehicle is a great candidate for our switches. Here’s just a few vehicles our switches are deployed on…

  1. Bucket Trucks – Used for outrigger lock detection (J1 ball switch series), boom position sensing, Operator bucket controls (PON/POFF)
  2. Emergency Vehicles – Ambulances, fire trucks and other first responder vehicles use a wide variety of safety systems that implement CPI limit switches in area’s like outrigger sensing, backup alarms, limit-of-travel alarms, door open alarm, and more.
  3. Sanitation Trucks – Waterproof Switch panels used for compactor and lift gate operations are mounted directly to the side of the trucks for manual operator use.
  4. Dump Trucks – As more and more manufacturers implement dump body detection cpi limit switches are often used for alarm generation in the cab.
  5. Cranes – All types and sizes have made use of our E1 waterproof limit switches in anti-two-block safety systems owing to their robustness and small form factor.  They also use our J4 ball switch in hydraulic valve position detection applications using our specialized valve mounting brackets.
  6. Construction Vehicles – Backhoe’s, Loaders, Plow’s, and Excavators have all used our waterproof limit switches for hydraulic control, operator presence detection, cab alarms, outrigger sensing, backup alarms and more.
  7. Lifts & Scissor Lifts – Critical position detection and operator controls have been implemented with our E-Series Limit switches.

Don’t Wait to design in the “final” Solution to your Safety Switch Problems

Our Safety Limit Switches represent the most durable yet economical solution to your switch and sensor applications. Rather than waiting for expensive field failures to tell you what you need to know, you may want to consider the class-leading solution to your limit switch from the get-go.

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