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Weatherproof Switch Panels for Work Trucks

CPI Waterproof Switch Panel


Increasingly popular among work-truck manufacturers and builders are pre-built switch panels which make overall assembly more efficient, reliable, and faster. These panels are typically made for exterior vehicle control where they are exposed to the elements, high vibration, and a certain amount human abuse.

Being the pre-eminent maker of waterproof switches in the world, it was a small evolution to take panel mount versions of our waterproof pendant switches, and wire them into custom stainless steel panels. CPI offers both stock and custom panels wired into any switch configuration needed.


These panels are deployed on a wide variety of work-trucks and recreational vehicles including:

  • Compactor control panels for sanitation vehicles.CPI Pre-wired waterproof dual switch panel
  • Commercial Boat Applications on Tugboats and Fire Fighting Barges.
  • Cab Hydraulic controls for Dump Trucks and Excavators
  • Liftgate controls for vehicles of all types
  • Cable controls for Cranes
  • External Boom Control panels for Bucket Trucks
  • Start/Stop controls for a wide variety of commercial vehicles with exposed cabs.
  • Forklift and scissor lift controls


The Advantages of CPI Pre-Made Waterproof Switch Panels

When manufacturers need a specific size, shape, or switch wiring configuration, CPI is able to design implement and pre-qualify the assembly for the specific application. CPI also offers a few standard configurations that are readily available and cost effective. In each case however, no compromise is made in the reliability and durability of the switches used. And they are really waterproof, not “water-resistant” or “spashproof”.

Specifiable parameters include:

  • Electrical Ratings: Nominally 5 amps resistive, 3 amps inductive, higher ratings available upon request.
  • Endurance: 100,000 to 1 million cycles, configuration dependent.
  • Temperature Range: from -50F to 221F.
  • Termination: Raw wire or custom terminations are specifiable in any lead length you require.
  • Environment Resistance: Resistant to acids, alkalides, salt spray, sand, dust and fungus. And completely Waterproof.
  • Jacket: Thermoplastic Rubber. Other jacket options able to provide extended cold operation (no freeze ups).

Mounting in CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

Our dual panel mount configuration is a good example of a stock panel mount configuration. In this panel, the twin switches can be wired in series, parallel, or left as individual circuits as shown below.

CPI Pendant Switch - Waterproof switch panel configurations

For more information on stock or custom switch panels, please call CPI today.

CPI Waterproof Switch Panel


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