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Waterproof Safety Interlock Switches for Commercial Vehicles that Last

What Happens When There Is NO Dump Body Detect Switch

The last thing Commercial vehicle and work truck manufacturers want to hear about is how someone got hurt while using one of their vehicles. In addition to the liability concerns, it’s just not good for sales when word gets out that safety systems on your vehicle failed to protect the very workers your vehicles are designed to help.

One critical safety application common to just about every commercial vehicle in existence is the idea of safety interlock verification. In these applications a switch or sensor of some kind detects all kinds of mechanical parameters in order to insure that further operation is safe for both operators and equipment.

Some examples include:

  1. A vehicle door or hatch that seems closed, is in fact, closed
  2. The hood of your truck or Humvee is latched and isn’t going to fly open when you hit a bump.
  3. You are not zooming down the highway with your dump body raised.
  4. The outriggers on your bucket truck are fully extended and locked.
  5. Your torpedo doors are actually open, before you shoot that torpedo.
  6. The cable on your crane is full drawn and the motor can be shut off.
  7. Your lift gate is locked into position before you roll that 200lb refrigerator onto it.
  8. Neutral Safety in your transmission, absolutely critical for Work Trucks and Military Vehicles. Even automobiles use neutral safety detection.

There are literally hundreds of applications for safety interlock switches and a good number of these are better suited for the kinds of durable and waterproof interlock switches that CPI makes, as opposed to flimsy sensors which require remote monitoring and have limited operational profiles. A robust standalone switch on the other hand, with a small form factor coupled with flexible mounting brackets, is suitable for insertion in almost any mechanical interface. With electro-mechanical endurance approaching 1 million cycles, it is likely our switch will outlast your vehicle.

Advantages of Interlock Switches in Vehicle Safety Applications

Case in point is an application recently brought to CPI for analysis.

Broken Limit Switch on Sandblaster Handle
Non-CPI switch broken and deformed in sandblaster handle application

In the picture, the cheap offshore switch used in this sandblaster handle became deformed and unusable during normal use.

There were several reasons for this:

  1. Inferior grade of stainless steel used.
  2. Switch is not designed for harsh duty, high vibration environments
  3. Switch was not truly waterproof, cracking of seal was observed.

In CPI’s redesigned solution, one of our high durability pendant switches was used inside a custom designed housing providing a superior solution both in terms of durability and longevity.

CPI Limit Switch for Sandblaster Handle
CPI E1 series sealed and fully wateproof limit switch assembly (includes cable length mounted at factory)

Other examples include:

  1. A major lawn equipment manufacturer changed to CPI limit switches for mower down detection after a cheap offshore switch failed repeatedly in the wet, high vibration environment of a lawn mower deck.
  2. Neutral Safety Switch on a paving machine changed to use our E1298 and B9111-18’s after Honeywell’s cheaper but non-sealed part failed in application.
  3. Dump Body Detection – Our E1092 simulated roller mechanism is mounted easily under the truck bed using one of our waterproof pendant switches like our B9112, NO switch. When the bed is raised, a circuit is completed, raising a visible (and potentially audible) alarm in the cab. This design is used for safety sensing in bucket trucks, loaders, and other vehicles that require mechanical feedback as to boom or bed position.

At CPI, We’ve Got A Lock on Safety

Safety interlock applications in everything from Submarines, to Skid Steers have been a core part of our expertise for over 60 years. If you’re done trusting your safety to cheap offshore parts, consider CPI’s USA made and manufactured safety interlock switches for your next application.

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