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Neutral Safety Detection

The CPI J4 ball switch has been designed into critical vehicle applications as the primary sensor for neutral detection in so called “Neutral Safety Systems“. The primary purpose of these systems is to prevent a vehicle from being started when the transmission is not in neutral.

While just about every car made has a neutral safety system in it, our J4 ball switch is appropriate for rugged commercial, construction, and military vehicles where the environmental requirements are stringent and the system must continue to operate despite extremes of vibration, temperature, or other mechanical stresses.

Our switch is typically mounted to the shifter assembly where its compact form factor and highly repeatable travel and actuation parameters make it an extremely precise mechanism over thousands and thousands of cycles. It has a patented double seal design which is not only waterproof, but actually removes microscopic particulates from the housing every time you press it, making it even more immune to dust, oil and other airborne contaminants

J4 ball switches also see other uses in commercial and military vehicle systems where durability and endurance are critical in an extreme environment.

  1. J4 used for vehicle “back-up” alarms.
  2. Parking Brake engage detection.
  3. Boom or outrigger “end of travel” detection
  4. Torpedo door open/closed
  5. Door Alarms generally.

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Neutral safety detection with CPI J4 Ball switch in Military Humvee
Humvee using our J4 ball switch for neutral safety detection

J4 Ball Switch Variants

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