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New CPI J4414 Plunger Switch
CPI J4414 Plunger

One of the most popular limit switches CPI ever introduced has to be our J4 series waterproof limit switch. A small marvel of engineering originally developed for the military, this switch comes in both a ball switch and a plunger switch variation that use essentially the same internal mechanism and materials. It was originally developed for military vehicles in a number of applications including neutral safety detection, hatch door alarm, cab down detection, outrigger lock, and more. Like all our products it was selected for three primary reasons.

  1. It’s really durable.
  2. It has extreme electromechanical endurance (up to 1 million cycles).
  3. It’s really really durable.

It’s a lot of fun to build a product that makes no compromises on quality in favor of the absolute best materials and engineering design that can one can implement.  But being the best seldom makes you the cheapest so for many OEM’s, our standard J4 ball and plunger remained out of reach despite the promise of set it and forget it reliability and a virtually endless lifetime.

Introducing the J4414 – Cost Reduced but not Quality Reduced.

With so many manufacturers looking for tough, reliable USA made limit switches like our J4 it finally did dawn on us that a carefully reengineered version of the original J4 might find many homes. A version that retained its high focus on material engineering and reliability, but that was significantly cost reduced would be perfect for many industrial and commercial applications that also require immunity to shock, vibration, and the elements. The new switch would be perfect for more cost sensitive applications that were currently suffering through unreliable offshore solutions to their safety limit switch requirement.

In the new J4414 plunger switch, our team focused carefully on re-engineering hi-cost elements which was done using updated materials, as well as assembly improvements that brought the cost of manufacturing way down. However, in the spirit of “don’t fix what ain’t broke” we also kept the design elements that made our switch so durable, long lasting, and reliable.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Internally sealed lead connections in any length
  • Double O ring seal at plunger
  • Extreme electromechanical endurance ratings
  • Ultra-precise travel parameter adjustment using a new unitized actuator design

Actuator Pre-Travel Design – Small Movements are a Big Deal

It is worth mentioning the pre-travel design capabilities of this plunger switch. Originally driven by the requirements of a major construction vehicle manufacturer, this capability allows us to ensure the circuit will change reliably, without concern for actuation point tolerance.  This also allows two switches to mechanically actuate as close to simultaneously as possible in applications where dual actuation is required.  By allowing for an extremely small pretravel on the new J414, it produces a large overtravel, which also helps compensate for tolerance variations in equipment linkages.

In another application, our j4 series switch was used on an air intake valve. Extremely tight performance was necessary to correlate with angular variation in the butterfly valve. A few thousandths difference in the plunger movement translated to several degrees of valve movement.

Take the Plunge with the New J4 Plunger Switch

Famous CPI durability and longevity, coupled with affordability, and all made in the USA so you can be sure there will never be any disruption in your supply chain.

It’s hard to image why you’d go anywhere else for a safety limit switch.

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