J4414 Plunger Switch with Dual Plunger Seal

CPI J4 series Plunger Switches are as tough as they come, seeing field use in some of the toughest operational environments in the world.

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  • All stainless steel construction
  • Dual o-ring seal at plunger
  • SPST, normally-open contacts
  • 16AWG SAE J1128 GXL wire
  • .625-18UNF-2A mounting thread
  • Ultra-precise travel parameters


Developed for harsh-duty mobile applications, the J4414 is a cost-effective derivative of one of our mil-grade plunger switches. We’ve utilized the same highly-reliable J4 contact mechanism to ensure long life and outstanding immunity to shock and vibration. This new unitized actuator design incorporates a fine adjust capability, where pretravel can be very closely controlled.