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Thermal Switches in Work Truck Applications

Harsh duty thermal switches like CPI’s have seen an evolution for over 70 years. Their tough operating capability and high degree of accuracy and dependability have made them ideal for military and tough commercial applications in aviation, construction, mining and refinery operations and naval vessels for decades.

But what many folks don’t fully realize is that they are problem solvers for a wide variety of more common commercial applications. A recent application comes to us from the developers of after-market additions to specialized work trucks.  This application highlights both the flexibility and reliability of our switch for thermal detection in a tough environment.

Thermal Management in Heated Dump Box Applications

At Truck & Trailer Specialities in Dutton Michigan, they’ve been providing work-truck upfit services for almost 50 years for the public works and commercial trucking industry. Specializing in snow and ice truck build ups, TTS represents the highest level of quality and craftsmanship in their build outs which are designed to last. So when they needed to change the design of their temperature monitoring for their heated salt dump box, they found a thermal switch that has the same focus on quality and performance.

In this application the exhaust from the engine is directed into cavities in the salt box so that the salt and sand does not freeze. If the engine goes into regen mode however, it can exceed 650 degrees and the flow of air is too hot and must be redirected. In this case, a thermal switch must close and activate a flapper that closes in the exhaust pipe, directing exhaust from the engine out the top of the stack.

“This was a perfect application for our M1 thermal switch,” notes Pete Gagliardi, CPI sales engineer. ” The M1 fits inside the exhaust pipe and is programmed with a set point that detects the rise in temperature and closes well before the exhaust air gets too hot.”  

The M1 Thermal switch is part of our “Plug Stat” line of thermal switches with a programmable temperature detection range from 0 to 650F. Made of all stainless steel with either wire or connector configurations, the switch fits perfectly inside the engine exhaust feed.  The M1 comes in all electrical configurations such as close on rise, or open on rise, etc…

“The switch works as designed and was delivered to the customer,” notes Pete. “This will now be their solution for thermal feedback designs on these heated dump beds.”

Cost Effective for Commercial Applications.

CPI’s Plugstat Line of thermal switches are cost effective for most commercial applications, and indeed very few other thermal switches have anywhere near such robust operating characteristics at this price point. For samples and discussions related to set point and mounting concerns contact our engineering team today.


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