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Heavy Duty Waterproof Pendant Switches

Pipe mount Pendant Switch

CPI Manufacturers a line of hand actuated pendant switches, that are completely waterproof, and designed for high vibration, high endurance applications in the industrial and military spaces.  They are designed and made entirely in the USA.

It’s fair to say, these are not your mother’s pendants…

pendant switch, cpi momentary switch application
A CPI Pendant Switch has been used in PTT for NASCAR mounted to steering wheel

The CPI switch story started over 70 years ago designing waterproof switches for the military back in WWII. That knowledge has evolved in this modern product line which see’s use in a wide variety of applications. Generally speaking, after folks get tired of in-field failures of those cheap offshore made imported switches, they end up at our door.

CPI’s deceptively innocent looking pendant switches actually represent decades of switch research, field testing, and manufacturing advances that allow affordable US based mass production with incredible efficiency. These switches come in dozens of electrical configurations, with specifiable endurance ratings and contact parameters.

CPI Pendant Switches – Primary Characteristics.

Perhaps the most singular characteristic of this product line is simply that it’s really, really hard to break them. They are designed to last under extreme environmental use cases so as to be perfect for mission critical safety applications or operator hand actuated controls.

  1. Completely Sealed, completely waterproof.
  2. Lead entry/egress sealed at factory in whatever lead length you need.
  3. Immunity to windborne dirt, dust, gasses, and other particulates.
  4. Can be Qualified to 1 million cycles of electromechanical endurance.
  5. Available in all electrical configurations. (Normally Open/Closed, Momentary Contact, Maintained contact)
  6. High current versions available (up to 5A)
  7. Both high and low extended temperature variations available.
  8. Specifiable tactile feel (high button, low button, low force activation…etc…)
  9. Dozens of mounting configurations available.

CPI Pendant Switch Applications

The ways our clients have used our switches over the years is as diverse as your imagination.

  1. Scissor Lift raise/lower control
  2. Controls the extension of stabilizers on the outside of utility or emergency vechicles.
  3. Used to control an electrical generator on custom enduro-mountain bikes.
  4. Used as an external control on Military’s truck based THAAD missile launcher system.
  5. Used for compactor control on Sanitation vehicles.
  6. Horn control on forklifts and telehandlers
  7. Used as a PON/OFF switch on industrial sandblasters due to its ability to withstand high pressure water during power washing operations.
  8. Numerous “Push-To-Talk” applications including NASCAR vechicles.

CPI Pendant Switches are Unique Problem Solvers For Today’s Demands

When the run-of-the-mill commercial pendant switches just won’t get the job done, our unique capabilities in waterproof pendant switch design might be just what you need. We’ve been making high endurance electromechanical switches for the toughest applications on planet earth for over 70 years.

Is your application tough enough for our switches?  Let’s find out..

Make The "Switch" to CPI

If your momentary switch application demands high performance, we think you should demand CPI. Please call us today to speak with our engineering team about your needs.

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