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Waterproof Rocker Switches

A quick web search for “Waterproof Rocker Switches” yields a universe of rocker switches, made for a universe of applications. Sadly even glorious Google can’t seem to completely sort out the waterproof variety from the more common standard PCB mounted round or rectangular versions and so it is for you the poor system designer to wade through this mess looking for the right rocker switch for your wet and watery application.

Our own rocker switch makes the cut with Google too, with a nice picture on the first page of search results of our K1007 Maintained Rocker.

CPI Waterproof Rocker Switch - K1007

So if you found us and are reading this because of a similar search, then why don’t we just cut to the chase and tell why our truly waterproof pendant style rocker switches may be last waterproof switch you ever need?

Rocker Switch Design

CPI Rocker switches are part of our family of waterproof switches which we’ve beenWaterproof Rocker Switches refining and selling for over 70 years. They are implemented in a style commonly referred to as “pendant switches” owing to their size and form factor. What CPI does is to pair one of our sealed, waterproof pendant switch designs, with an actuator mounting bracket which can allow the switch to be used in an almost infinite number of applications.  Some customer even use the switch without any bracket for a manual operator driven application such as a toggle switch on a motorboat winch.

A great example of our switch in action is our K1007 SPST Maintained Rocker Switch. With our standard Neoprene seal this switch operates from -60F to 180F without issue and can be specified with current capability up to 15A or electromechanical endurance up to 5 million cycles.  And don’t forget that like all our waterproof switches, the K100X series of Waterproof rocker switches is truly waterproof:  not splashproof or water resistant.

Waterproof Rocker Switch Applications

CPI waterproof rockers have been used extensively on military vehicles, in boats, MilitaryHumveeInWaterWithCPISwitcheson industrial sand blasters, and in one case as a customization to a Mountain bike used for enduro-racing (See our post on Gravel Grinders).

In every case, the common thread for why we are selected has to do with the extremely reliability of the parts, under some of the most challenging environmental conditions and deployments in the world.

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