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Push Button Switch Types

Engineers and system designers looking for reliable switch products often face a quandary. Selection of switches with their inherent mechanical limitations must be pondered carefully or they risk being the proverbial “weakest link” in an otherwise robust control or safety system design.

When switches are directly operated by humans, the equation becomes even more complex. Tactile factors come into play, as well as consideration of the ergonomics of mounting and positioning these switches in vehicles or machinery that may be exposed to severe weather, temperature, vibration or all of the above.

Push Button Switch Actuation

In addition of offering some of the industry’s most hardened waterproof switch designs,  CPI switches come in a number of form factors, suitable for almost any deployment

Hand Actuated – CPI Pendant Switches can come in momentary or maintained closure options and are completely submersible. Extended temperature operation is achieved through either Neoprene or Santoprene sealing with leads completely sealed and extending from the switch body in any length required. Both standard and “light touch” actuation versions available.

Rolling Ball Switches – Our all stainless steel, rolling ball switch option (J4 series) is ideal for applications requiring a low profile, non-linear activation in a harsh operational environment.  The J4 is a patented ball carrier design which prevents contaminates such as mud, dirt, ice, sand, dust, etc. from jamming the ball.

Applications include transfer case gear position sensing, neutral safety detection, Hydraulic valve position indication, PTO switching, door switch, backup safety alarm, and interlock switch detection.

Plunger Switches – Based on the J4 seal design, our plunger switch allows designers to be sure that waterproof performance can be maintained in extreme environments with electro-mechanical endurance up to 5 million cycles.  Plunger size and activation force can be custom specified, and our patented exclusion seal insures the contacts against sand, dust, dirt, mud, rain and pressure washer abuse.

Limit Switches – By mounting our pendant switches in a series of enclosures, CPi can offer operational limit switch variations suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

· Roller Limit Switch · Roller Lever Flush Mount
· Simulated Roller Limit Switch · Roller Lever Angle Mount
· Straight Lever · Profiled Lever, Flush Mount
· Simulated Lever · Dual Switch, Simulated Roller

And many more mounting variations are customizable.

Waterproof Push Button Switches for High Endurance Applications.

For over 60 years CPI has been designing, manufacturing, and qualifying the toughest E1-waterproof-limit-switcheswaterproof switches in the world in thousands of unique applications from fire engines to fishing reels, from steel mills to submarines . When manufacturers want a final solution to their robust switching needs, it usually ends at our doorstep.

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