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Sealed Pendant Switches – The Jewels of Waterproof Switches.

CPI Waterproof Pendant Switches on THAAD Missle Defense Launch Vehicle

In the world of waterproof switches, designers understand pendant switches to be pushbutton switches that are hand actuated by an actual human.  There are typically leads extending from the body of the switch which can allow an ergonomic distance between the operator and the control system.

A commercial pendant switch
typical commodity pendant switch, consumer grade

These switches, or sometimes “pendant stations” full of pushbutton switches are designed to control various systems in the factory or on machinery.  A common commercially available configuration is shown here:

This configuration is common, with the button at the end of a cylindrical enclosure, meant to be used for things like nursing call stations, On/Off operator control, or momentary device control where the device is actuated only as long as the operator keeps the pendant depressed. The vast majority of pendant switches you will fine are really of a commercial variety and their target use is for sedate, indoor applications.

But for construction vehicles, military equipment, or heavy machinery control, the vast majority of pendant devices you will find lack the robustness and environmental sealing necessary to operate effectively in these deployments.

CPI Pendant Switch Solutions

CPI Waterproof Pendant SwitchesControl products makes a complete line of waterproof pendant switches which are specifically designed for the needs of high reliability, high endurance, and complete watertight operation. Couple these with our versatile mounting brackets and what you have is a pendant switch with up to 15A capability that will be ready to work when you need it, no matter what it is exposed to in the interim.

K1005 Pendant Switch – This is a maintained contact rocker switch version. This pendant switch has seen many military and non military applications owing to its high tolerance to heat and its extreme electromechanical endurance.  Not to mention that it is truly waterproof (ie.. submersible)

B7151 Pendant Switch – this is our “high button” momentaryMomentary Contact Switch closure pendant, also completely sealed in Neoprene and immune to moisture and vibration.  Common uses include as a welding torch switch or for motor “jogging” applications.

CPI Pendant Switch Applications

Our pendants get chosen for any application where there is a potentially wet or outdoor environment and designers don’t want to take chances on the reliability of the switch. Here’s a few examples.

THAAD Missle Launch Truck  – Build by Oshkosh and Lockeed

CPI Waterproof Pendant Switches on THAAD Missle Defense Launch VehicleIn this application our K1005-504 is mounted near the wheel well where it can be subject to a fair amount of heat and vibration between uses.  Our Neoprene seal extends the temperature range from -65F to 185F and completely seals the switch away from dust, moisture and vibration as well.

US Marines Humvee – Built by SAIC.

Marine HMMWV with Collapsing MCTAGSIn this application the same K1005-504 is used as a control on the Up-Front-Display Unit inside the vehicle.

Industrial Sand Blaster – Clemo Industries

In this heavy duty sand blasting Pendant Rocker Switch on Sandblaster machinemachine exposed to extremes of water, dirt, dust and other airborne particulates.  A Robustly sealed and washdown proof switch is of extreme importance to these folks.


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