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The Expanding list of Harsh Duty Draw Wire Sensor applications

Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensing For Oil & Gas Exploration

When CPI introduced its first version of a harsh duty draw wire sensor over a decade ago, it was because one of our large customers making construction vehicles needed something that would hold up better under harsh outdoor conditions and almost constant use. The sensor has evolved significantly in that time and today our sensor is smaller, more accurate, even more robust, and less costly than those original versions.

As a result we’ve been accepted and considered for product applications in a wide variety of industries both industrial, and military.

Some CPI Harsh Duty Draw Wire Sensor Applications

Navy Vehicles – Navy subcontractors have used customized versions of our LVDT sensor for sea-going applications on surface ships and submarines.  While some of these uses are proprietary, you can read here about our use of smart cylinders on the navy’s interdiction vessel, the Sea Slice.

Offshore, Subsea Drilling & Mining – Large scale hydraulic cylinders used in heave compensation systems and riser tensioners are typical high-endurance applications.  Sensing piston position in piston accumulators, for blowout preventers for example, has never been easier. With our new SL 1490MS hybrid sensor, we now achieve ATEX Intrinsic safety ratings and deep sea capability for deployments undersea at the well head or on the drilling platform.

Commuter Trains – Telescoping pneumatic cylinders on commuter trains required sensors for a closed-loop feedback system to assist in rail car coupling.

Oil & Gas – Rig raiser systems now enjoy much improved reliability, as our internal mount sensors replace external draw wires on the mast cylinder.

Onshore Mining – Remote valve actuators are reliably monitored thanks to the robustness of our external-mount 1M sensor, which easily mounts onto any NFPA cylinder.

In-Plant Chemical Processing – External draw wire applications on linear and valve actuators include hazardous chemical, paper processing, as well as oil refinery installations.  Internal applications range from hydraulic roller tensioners in paper manufacturing to telescoping cylinders used in pharmaceutical processing.

Hydroelectric Plant Infrastructure – Dam gate actuators are typically long-stroke.  In some instances, these are oriented horizontally – this is where our draw wire sensor overcomes deflection issues associated with rod-type sensors as well as being able to withstand wet, outdoor conditions.

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