Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

CPI Family of Long Stroke Sensors For High Endurance

Problems related to vulnerability of rod-type sensors and external draw wire sensors are amplified in longer stroke hydraulic cylinder applications such as those found in many energy exploration and refinery applications. The SL series sensor is arguably the only sensor in the world specifically designed to operate over a long life under these highly adverse conditions which can include submersion in salt water, high temperature, and high operating pressures.

Unique and Innovative Sensor Design

The core sensing technology in all our SL Series Sensors is an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), which is a mature class of sensors proven in the high pressure hydraulic environment. Since it is non-contacting, it lasts virtually forever and is ideal for high endurance applications. It is immune to high temperatures, as it has no onboard electronic components making it highly immune to EMI and vibration as well.

Sensors can be further enhanced with options including redundant power springs, engineered materials specific to the installation environment and over-spec’d cables to ensure ultra-reliable operation for your specific application.


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