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More Unique Marine Applications for CPI Switches

Marine Switches on a Workboat

CPI Waterproof switches are seeing more and more niche applications where a robust switch with appropriate mounting hardware can be used in an environment that puts electrical controls in close proximity to water.

Seacock Position Monitor

No one would argue that sanitation systems are a key part of the boating experience, and the key part of the nautical sanitation system is a valve known as a seacock.  This valve when open, allows the boat to relieve itself (pun intended) of accumulated waste material.

The seacock valve is attached to a pump which can only turn on when the valve is open, otherwise the waste line could burst and unpleasant waste material would add to the bilge.

The picture below tells the story. In this application, CPI’s simulated roller lever actuator controls one of our waterproof momentary switches, allowing the pump to run only when it is in the open position.

The mounting hardware is actually a variation on our standard valve mounting hardware, as valve position sensing in general is a common application for CPI Switches. In this application our E1354-501 is commonly used, but any of our sealed electrical switches can be used depending on the electrical parameters of NO, NC, or SPDT contact required in the system.

Bilge Pump Power Switch

The Bilge pump has primary responsibility of discharging water and other liquids that accumulate below the waterline in every boat. Automated bilge pumps will turn on automatically when certain water levels are sensed but others use a CPI switch to enable them, similar to our K1007 SPST Maintained Rocker Switch. This panel mount version of our rocker switch, sees use as a toggle switch for bilge pumps in everything from jet skis to commercial fishing boats.

Fish Stunning Equipment

The CPI K1006-18 was recently selected by the Wisconsin and Minnesota departments of natural resources for use in their fish stunning equipment. By passing an electrical current through the water, park officials can temporarily shock fish in the local area where they float to the top and can be either tagged or counted easily. The K1006 was installed on the stick that went into the water and the switch was hand actuated by the operator.


Marine Equipment was Made For CPI Waterproof Switches.

Whether you are wiring a control panel or operating any kind of electronics near water, chances are you’ll want to consider a reliable, flexible, waterproof switch. That’s exactly what we make.

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