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CPI Limit Switches – Climbing that Mounting

Waterproof Limit Switches by CPI

Designers looking for a robust waterproof limit switch, will almost certainly run across our switches at some point. It’s that “all roads lead to Rome” thing.

Sometimes however, its not just the stainless steel, high electromechanical endurance aspect of our switches that wins the day with engineers and OEM’s.

Sometimes, it’s about how easily and flexibly our limit switches can be mounted into an application and how many different types of actuation we support. With over 70 years’ experience designing switches for demanding engine compartment, cab, door, cockpit and valve applications to name just a few, we’ve developed a set of low profile, hardened mounting and actuator combinations that fit into almost any contraption out there. Think “off-the-shelf”.

Waterproof Switch Mounting Brackets

A picture is worth 1000 words. Check out a few examples of the thousands of mounting configurations we support with off-the-shelf mounting hardware and actuators. Almost any of our sealed pendant switches can be mounted in this hardware, making this one of the most flexible waterproof switch configurations in the world.

Surface Bracket With Momentary Switch

Waterproof switch mounting bracketPictured here is our E1008 surface bracket used with any of our B series Momentary Waterproof Switches or K Series Waterproof Rocker Switches. This two-piece assembly is made of 304 stainless and welded together for a rock solid, flat surface mounting. A reverse mount option (E1005) isalso available.


Right Angle Mount with Simulated Roller

Waterproof dump body limit switch (E1092)In this application our B9112 switch uses a simulated roller actuator to detect mechanical closure for anything from a truck door to a dump body. The mounting bracket is our standard stainless steel right angle mounting bracket. The switch internals are held inside the bracket, sealed in Santoprene including lead connections which can be ordered in any length. The switch itself can be any of our momentary or maintained waterproof pendant switches.

Pipe Mount Rocker Switch

Pipe mount Pendant SwitchOur curved metal pipe mount bracket is easily secured to a wide variety of common pipe diameters. Shown here is our K1007 Maintained Contact Rocker Switch. With our standard Neoprene seal, this switch can operate from -60F to 180F without issue and can be specified with current capability up to 15A or endurance to 5 million cycles at lower amp ratings.


Angle Mount with double simulated roller Actuator

dual action waterproof switch mounting bracketIn this configuration, any two of our low profile momentary or maintained pendent switches can be used to create redundant, or complementary sensing of mechanical actuation. All lead connections are sealed within the neoprene coating.


Waterproof Roller Limit Switch

roller limit switch on angle bracket, waterproof switchRoller limit switches of varying angles can be used in many of our bracket configurations including both flush mount and angle mount housings. These switches see diverse usage as safety limit switches for doors, hatches, outriggers, cranes, emergency vehicle systems and much more.


Did we Mention Custom?

If after all this and more, you still don’t have the bracket or actuator you need, our custom design team is standing by to tweak a high performance switch exactly to your needs. Our switches are all IP68 rated and Military Qualification documentation can be made available for most switches.

Give our engineers a call today to discuss your application.

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