Door Interlock

E1 Limit Switch

The spring of our E1 switches allow for up to .50″ (approx.) total travel. A cutout in the door channel for the spring to protrude through is one option for using this switch in a door application.

J4 Ball Switch

Choose from either our standard 9/16″ thread plated steel or 5/8″ thread stainless steel depending on your space constraints or adjustment needs.


Product Features

  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • IP68 rated waterproof sealing
  • Integral wire leads (custom lengths to your specifications)
  • 16AWG GXL insulated SAE J1128 wires (J4) / See Momentary Contact Switch specs
  • All stainless construction (E1 & 5/8″ thread J4)
  • 28VDC 5A (resistive) or 2A (inductive) electrical rating
  • Sealed terminations and wire abrasion treatments available


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