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Industrial Cleaning Applications for CPI Waterproof Switches.

CPI Switches for Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

It turns out that there is a huge industry around the care and feeding of professional floor cleaning equipment and services. When it is your job to clean and disinfect a 5000 square foot factory floor, working garage, clean room, or other large commercial space, you are going to rely on special equipment and processes to get it done correctly, and efficiently.

CPI waterproof switches have found a home in these commercial cleaning machines owing mostly to the fact that the often corrosive cleaning chemicals used to clean commercial floors, have little or no effect on the operation of CPI switches.  In the machine shown, some of the critical operations and safety features revolve around whether the hopper or squeegee is up or down, or whether the battery cables and tray are in the proper position for starting, not to mention basic on/off functionality either momentary or maintained. It turns out a switch completely sealed in Santoprene and IP 68 rated, with a super high electromechanical endurance and flexible stainless steel mounting bracket actuators, checks all the boxes in this application.

The Waterproof Switches Used in Cleaner Applications

Commonly used in these applications are the switches below. The mounting brackets chosen depend on space considerations and mounting space in the cleaner used, but all share the waterproof durability features that make CPI switches the perfect choice.

E1092 – Simulated Roller Lever bracket with angle mount

The E1092 bracket coupled with any of our B-Series Momentary switches is a winner for us, being one of the most popular bracket/switch combinations we sell. A key part of this solution is the ability of the switch to suffer overtravel without compromising the operation or lifetime of the switch. Mounting Slots on the bracket allow exact spacing calibration of the actuator inside your application.

2 or 3 wire versions of the switch are available and the leads at the switch are also sealed with watertight santoprene rubber.

E1221 – Low Profile Roller Bracket with side angle Mount

The E1221 bracket coupled with our B-Series switches is a roller-lever type actuator that provides smooth engagement for sliding type actuation. The roller itself is low profile for tight spaces and the Delrin roller is a type of hard plastic known for keeping its shape and hardness across a wide temperature range.

Available with any B-Series waterproof switch

E1117  – Standard Roller Lever Actuator with Side Angle Mount

Our E1117 stainless steel roller lever actuator is commonly combined with our B9113 SPDT low-pushbutton waterproof switch. Designed for high durability and outdoor use, this commonly used limit switch configuration has an extended temperature range (-40F to 221F) coupled with long cycle life over 100,000 cycles up to 5 million cycles depending on voltage/amperage usage. Wire connections are sealed standard 24″ wires, 18AWG, custom sizes available.

Why CPI Waterproof Switches Work For Commercial Cleaning Machines

Many other combinations of switches and actuator mounting brackets are possible please call or contact the factory to discuss the specifics of your application.

All boast the following characteristics that make our switches perfect for cleaning machines.

  1. Stainless Steel actuator mounting brackets
  2. IP68 Rated
  3. Truly waterproof switches, not water resistant or splashproof.
  4. High Environmental resistance to temperature, alkalies, salt spray, sand, dust, and cleaning chemicals
  5. Custom wire terminations available

For more information on this application please download our application note for Floor Care or contact a factory sales engineer directly.

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