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Versatile CPI Thermals Rack Up Design-In’s

There’s a reason why CPI Thermals feature so highly in so many Google search results for thermal switches. It seems even the artificially intelligent Google algorithm, has figured out that there aren’t many better results for “high temperature switches” or “thermal limit switches” than CPI.

Indeed, for certain kinds of high reliability, high stakes and/or high temperature thermal monitoring, there isn’t a really a better choice to be found.  From -40F to 1750F, CPI’s thermal switch families provide reliable, accurate temperature monitoring through factory programmed setpoints. They are tough switches that withstand the vibration and pressure changes in an airplane, or the heat above a galley stove in a navy submarine.

Here’s a few applications where CPI thermal switches were chosen above all others:

  1. Fluid Valve Overheat Detection – hydraulic fluid on Navy vessels really does some work and CPI M-Series thermal switches prevents the associated valves from becoming overheated and failing.
  2. Plastic Extruder Machines – When running full bore, these machines can get quite hot but our thermal switches prevent any runaway thermal conditions from developing.
  3. An aircraft engine bypass generates some serious heat but CPI thermals can activate cooling systems only when necessary.
  4. Fire Detection In every application from galley fire detection, to engine and avionics bay temperature detection, to large military aircraft where their exact usages are classified, fire detection is a mainstay of CPI thermal use because of their high temperature capability. Typically used for this is our Rod & Tube style thermals with temperature performance up to 1750F.
  5. Freeze Detection– Most think of thermals checking when things get too hot, but our switches are one of the few in the world that can check when things get too cold!  In a weapons system, this can be used to ensure that internal heaters are activated that prevent the electronics from failing due to freezing conditions.
  6. APU backup temperature monitoring. In this fail-safe application CPI thermals operate on both commercial and military jet APU’s.

CPI thermal switches are also approved replacements for Fenwal switch P/N 17343-62-xxx (xxx is set point) and 17346-62-xxx as used on multiple aircraft types including:

  • Beech Hawker 900 xp aircraft
  • Pratt and Whitney PT6A type engine used in a Piper Cub
  • Gulfstream APU’s
  • Prat and Whitney 206B engine used on Metroliner and Eurocopter EC135’s

Electromechanical Temperature Control is Here to Stay

While many applications have gone the way of sensors and controllers, there are still distinct advantages to electromechanical temperature control – units perform completely self-contained switch closure, the thermocouple is extremely reliable and durable, and the overall solution is cost-effective. Specifying the right thermal switch and having a complete understanding of system characteristics and thermal parameters in advance will ensure success in your applications


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