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CPI Can Help Float Your Boat

Ok so maybe not literally “float” your boat but in the world of recreational watercraft or commercial boats, CPI’s line of waterproof switches have been a reliable, go-to solution over the years for many critical applications.

While there are many manufacturers out there making so called “marine” switches, these are usually designed for a very specific application, a very specific subassembly on a watercraft or boat, and have a very specific form factor. CPI switches tend to find a home when something a bit custom is needed, or space is limited, or existing switch solutions are not reliable or waterproof enough, or all of the above. In some cases, a CPI solution is even cheaper than an OEM part solution since OEM’s command a premium on replacement parts for their equipment. This price differential is even more pronounced for design-ins that result in CPI production quantity pricing.

Recreational Watercraft, Boats, and CPI Waterproof Switches.

The list of marine applications CPI switches have been used on is long and ever growing. Maybe it’s best to list them by type of craft or accessory:

Power Boats – With panel mount options in addition to the many bracket/mechanical actuator options, our switches get called upon to do many tasks all over the boat.

  • Engine Start/Stop and Kill switches – Depending on the electrical design, either our momentary switches or our maintained contact switches can be used. We have seen them mounted in a panel or even velcro’d to an outboard engine for emergency kill functions. Reliable Start/Stop for any boat function where a switch is exposed to a potentially wet or vibrational environment.
  • Horn and Light Activation Switches – Something like our K5 Series maintained contact rocker switch is perfect for this, or the K1005 or K1007 for an even more robust implementation suitable for commercial workboats.

Sailboats – Where space is at a premium, CPI switches offer incredible durability and waterproof reliability in a small form factor

  • Bilge Pump Valve with CPI position detection Bilge Pump Operation – Down in the the bilge bay, our switches don’t mind the smell. Often used to turn the bilge pump on/off. Our switches are also used for Bilge pump flow control sensing and valve shutoff.
  • Tilt or Trim Motor Adjustment – Our momentary switches are used to drive the trim motor. For this any of our momentary switches can be used either panel mounted (standard) or customized.

Recreational Watercraft – For vessels like Jet Ski’s, PWC’s, tow boats, jet boats, and more, high performance demands high performing components. CPI switches have been used as Start/Stop switches, Engine Cutoff switches, and trim switches. In some cases we have even built the stainless steel waterproof switch panel used in these vessel’s and mounted our switches in it.

Work Boats – Commercial fishing boats, tugboats, and coast guard and navy vessels have all taken advantage of CPI switches.  Applications include:

  • Manual Alarm Control – Usually this our waterproof toggle switch like our K1005, mounted in a panel in the bridge near the steering wheel.
  • Marine Crane Cable Limit Switch Sensors – Limit switches like our J4 ball/plunger switches achieve super stainless steel durability in a small form factor
  • Hatch Open/Closed Detection – Our E1092 along with one of our many B-Series waterproof limit switches has been designed into both navy and commercial applications for the critical sensing of bulkhead doors.

Creating the perfect limit switch for your application is a simple matter of selecting the switch you want and the actuator bracket you need. Our sales team is ready to walk you through it.

We were Made for This

When it comes to nautical, sea going applications, almost every switch or limit sensing operation can benefit from CPI Waterproof Limit Switches.  Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Completely sealed in either Neoprene or Santoprene (extended low temp range) including wire leads. You can also pre-specify the exact wire length you want from the factory. Standard wire terminations are also available.
  • CPI Switches are truly waterproof and submersible (rated IP86), not just “water resistant” or “splash proof”
  • Dozens of actuator mounting brackets including roller lever, simulated roller lever, straight angle, plunger, and more.
  • Small Form factor for tight spots
  • Extreme durability and resistance to temperature and vibration. Won’t freeze up at low temperatures.
  • Electromechanical Endurance of B-Series Switches at 12V is over 100,000 cycles at 5A.
  • Normal temperature range from -40F to 221F , extended low temperature versions available.

Don’t get underwater with your limit switch design, call a CPI sales engineer today and lets see if we can help.

Make The "Switch" to CPI

If your momentary switch application demands high performance, we think you should demand CPI. Please call us today to speak with our engineering team about your needs.

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