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Recreational Vehicles Discover CPI

Actually CPI is not new to the recreational vehicle market. A long time ago, some smart engineer working for a boat manufacturer realized that a completely sealed waterproof switch with dozens of mounting options that was good enough for the US military,

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Rig Raiser and other Oil recovery applications for Hydraulics using CPI Linear Position Sensors

Rig & Mast Raiser Hydraulics

Hydraulic Position Sensing for Oil & Gas Recovery Applications Hydraulic cylinders deployed into drilling platforms such as land-based mast raiser systems are used for oil and gas recovery in a wide variety of fixed and mobile configurations. The hydraulic cylinders

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Valve position Sensing with CPI Switches

One of the more creative uses of CPI waterproof limit switches is their use as position sensors on a wide variety of both manually operated, and servomotor control valves. These valves may be used to regulate the flow of everything

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CPI Switches Race for Glory

Vintage Indy car racing might not be a place you would expect to find CPI’s Waterproof Switches, but when you think about it, what better place for a switch that has to perform reliably 100% of the time? For those

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Low Temperature Thermal Switches Used IN honeywell EA-Repeater.

Keeping Electronics Warm in Cold Temperatures

Most of us are aware of the dangers of overheated electronic components, manifesting itself in ways as simple as component failure all the way up to system failure, explosions, and fire. CPI thermal switch reliability has had a hand in

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