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CPI Switches Detect circuit break trips on utility towers

Plungers on Poles

Plungers On Poles. California is an amazing state in many ways. It is the 3rd largest state geographically, but number one by far in terms of population with over 40 million residents or about 12% of the US population. It

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CPI Pendant Switches on Marine Humvee

CPI Thermals Take the Heat in Military Vehicles.

While change often comes slowly in the vast military industrial complex, there’s often good reason for that. That’s at least partly because battlefield conditions continue to dictate many of the same unique and complex operating requirements for vehicles, machines, guns,

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The SL6000 Subsea Draw Wire Breaks the 100 Ft Barrier

Engineering Marvel – The CPI SL6000 30 Meter Hardened Linear Position Sensor Since the introduction of our SL series hardened draw-wire Linear Position Sensors almost 20 years ago, we’ve learned a lot about long stroke hydraulics from our hydraulic cylinder

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Pushing Past Coronavirus

As we begin our journey into the uncharted world of commerce during COVID -19, CPI like other companies, has hunkered down, for the safety of our employees, for the safety of our community, and for the health and continuation of

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Dump Body Detect Switch

CPI Switches Work Hard on Work Trucks

The class of vehicles commonly known as “work trucks” have long been a primary market for CPI’s waterproof limit switches. There are a few main reasons for this: Reliability – The joy of saving a couple bucks by buying an

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CPI Waterproof Switch Panel

Weatherproof Switch Panels for Work Trucks

  Increasingly popular among work-truck manufacturers and builders are pre-built switch panels which make overall assembly more efficient, reliable, and faster. These panels are typically made for exterior vehicle control where they are exposed to the elements, high vibration, and

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