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Volta EV Charging Station uses CPI Switches

EV Charging Stations look to CPI Switches

CPI Helps Charging Stations Fulfill the Promise of Electric Vehicles It seems like every day that goes by, electric car charging stations are popping up in more and more places. So called EV stations (Electro-Voltaic), are on a mission to

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Roller Ball Switches by CPI

Electromechanical Limit Switches in Mobile Equipment

Back in the 1990’s, construction equipment manufacturers were filled with talk about completely eliminating switches with contacts by the year 2000.  Concerns over environmental sealing, failures due to contact contamination or degradation over time due to arcing in high-endurance applications drove this

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CPI Waterproof Switch Panel

CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

Sometimes you need a switch that’s really, truly waterproof. Not just water-resistant or “splash-proof. And if you want one with carefully manufactured durability and extended temperature operation, well you’ve narrowed down the field even further. For tough marine or outdoor

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Pipe mount Pendant Switch

Heavy Duty Waterproof Pendant Switches

CPI Manufacturers a line of hand actuated pendant switches, that are completely waterproof, and designed for high vibration, high endurance applications in the industrial and military spaces.  They are designed and made entirely in the USA. It’s fair to say,

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CPI 12v Waterproof Switches for Work Trucks

CPI 12v Switches For Demanding Applications

One of the most common applications for CPI switches is when they are configured as in 12v systems as safety switches, interlock switches or manually activated as when they are mounted on steering wheels of work trucks, fork lifts, even

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CPI Plugstat Thermal Switches – Getting There Slowly

For engineers looking to solve demanding temperature switching applications, robust, standalone thermal switches are surprisingly hard to come by. A quick google search yields hundreds of parts in a confused presentation of thermals, with every shape and size represented, sold

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2020 – The Year In Review

As we look back to size the state of our business, our industry, and this year, maybe our world, it seems far to easy to pile on to 2020 like every other analyst has done and is doing. Yes, OK,

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Making Waves With Bryant Boats

Have you ever seen folks surfing off the wakes of boats? Well, our J4311 is used on the wake generating trim tabs on Bryant Boats. Boats = Water = CPI applications! Thought this was worth noting as one last glimpse

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