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Low Temperature Thermal Switches Used IN honeywell EA-Repeater.

Keeping Electronics Warm in Cold Temperatures

Most of us are aware of the dangers of overheated electronic components, manifesting itself in ways as simple as component failure all the way up to system failure, explosions, and fire. CPI thermal switch reliability has had a hand in

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Fuel Cell Thermal Management by CPI

As we all look forward to a greener, more sustainable energy future, the promise of hydrogen based fuel cells is certainly one of the most exciting energy technologies on the cusp of mainstream acceptance.  Fuel cells were a 10 billion

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CPI Thermal Switches for Windmills

CPI Helps Keep Windmills Warm

Earlier this year the state of Texas saw one of its most devastating statewide power outages when winter storms rolled through the state and left freezing temperatures behind for weeks.  While the vast majority of power was lost due to

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It Gets Hot in the Kitchen

Food processing and Galley equipment include many components designed to reach high temperatures and stay there for extended periods of time. In this equipment, fire hazards and thermal runaway are key safety concerns. Even food packaging equipment used in production

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CPI Chips Away at Forestry Equipment Market

CPI Chips Away at Forestry OEM’s Another industry that has discovered the special qualities of CPI waterproof limit switches is certainly in the area of forestry equipment manufacturers. Consider the operational characteristics of your average wood chipper: Sits out in

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