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For Everything But Cars, There’s CPI

In the “non-automotive vehicular” category, CPI switches have racked up hundreds of design-ins over the years. For sure, automakers could use our switches too but our reliability, durability and long life generally isn’t something they are willing to pay for.

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Waterproof micro switches

CPI 12 Volt Switches – An Enduring Legacy

For commercial applications of all kinds, switching 12 Volts is probably the most common bus voltage used with our sealed, waterproof limit switches. While CPI’s line of waterproof switches is rated to operate from 5V to 28V, 12 Volt applications

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CPI Waterproof Switches for Two Wire Sprinkler Systems

CPI – Helping Irrigate a Drier World

With a summer of record temperatures and unprecedented drought, the thoughts of many turn to irrigation systems and how to deploy them in a changing environmental landscape. Irrigation systems have evolved as key components of maintaining farm crops, preserving green spaces

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CPI Helps Lead the Wireless Charge

You can think of wireless vehicle charging as an enhanced version of wireless smartphone charging with one big difference:  The power required to generate  the required electric field is significantly higher. As the power goes up, a number of additional

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CPI Waterproof Switches Achieve Conformité Européenne (CE)

If you want to sell electronic products in Europe, it’s pretty important to achieve the certification “Conformité Européenne.” Commonly known as the CE marking, this certification affirms that the manufacturer complies with all applicable European health, safety, and environmental protection

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Thermal Sensing for Avionics

CPI’s X1 thermal switch is being increasingly used by both American and European avionics manufacturers and integrators as their thermal switch of choice for spot detection of overtemperature conditions in systems throughout the aircraft. Recent integrations include FAA approval as a Fenwal

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Waterproof Switches for Recreational Watercraft

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about how you can’t kill our waterproof switches and how the navy, and commercial marine industries come to us for their most demanding and critical waterproof control sensing applications. But

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Commercial Boats Use CPI Waterproof Limit Switches

Commercial boats face tough challenges every day.  Whether they be fishing boats, commercial tugboats or cargo boats, this is not your lakeside motorboat environment. That’s why commercial boat manufacturers aren’t interested in messing around with the reliability or operational toughness

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