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5 Reasons You Can’t Kill Our Plunger Switches

CPI Plunger limit Switches

CPI has been making waterproof limit switches in a variety of form factors for over 50 years now and the simple message about our switch products is: “built to last”Our stuff is tough, made of stainless steel and carefully engineered to meet stringent requirements for electromechanical endurance.

Our plunger switch shown below is part of our waterproof switch line and one of the many form factors we offer.   Like all our limit switch products, it takes a beating while remaining water sealed and fully operational.

And so without further ado… here are the top 5 reasons you  can’t kill our plunger switches!

  1. High grade stainless steel construction throughout.
  2. Completely submersible, not water-resistant, or splash-proof.  Fully waterproof.  (meets IP68)
  3. Dual Plunger Seal design maintains seal integrity during actuation.
  4. Ultra-high temperature capability is no sweat for these switches.
  5. Hardened actuator configurations are available.

CPI Plunger switches see use in all kinds of hardware.  A common class of use is for safety applications where protecting operators (dead man’s switch) or expensive equipment is a concern.  Also for detecting whether doors are open or closed in certain types of amphibious vehicles.

Other applications include:

  • Hatch / door interlock switch (amphibious military vehicles)
  • Valve position sensing (diesel turbochargers, coking ovens)
  • Cab down position sensing
  • Service door interlock switch (for safety shut-down)
  • Hydraulic valve handle position sensing

For a discussion of your plunger switch application, our engineers are standing by.   Make the switch to CPI’s J4 Series Plunger Switches today.

You may visit CPI’s Website at https://cpi-nj.com .  All products designed and manufactured in the USA. An ISO 9000 certified company.

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