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Take the Plunge with a CPI Plunger Switch!

High Temperature, High Durability Waterproof Plunger Switch Diagram

Lets face it folks, sometimes it just takes a plunger switch. Whether your application is mechanically or physically activated, the tactile feel, and extended actuator of a plunger switch may be the only real solution for your application.

For engineers looking at a harsh duty, wet, outdoor application, you’ve landed in the right place. CPI plunger switches are recognized around the world as the premiere solution to harsh duty waterproof plunger and limit switch applications.

If durability is your first priority in a plunger switch, consider these characteristics:

  1. High grade stainless steel construction throughout.
  2. Completely submersible, not water-resistant, or splash-proof.  Fully waterproof.  (meets IP68)
  3. Dual Plunger Seal design maintains seal integrity during actuation.
  4. Ultra-high temperature capability is no sweat for these switches.
  5. Hardened actuator configurations are available.

CPI Plunger switches see use in all kinds of hardware.  Often used in safety applications where protecting operators (dead man’s switch) or expensive equipment is a concern.  Also commonly used for detecting doors open or closed in certain types of amphibious, military, or harsh duty construction vehicles.

Manual Plunger Switches for Waterproof Applications

Waterproof Start Switch - Panel MountIn something like our D1040 Waterproof Plunger Switch, the plunger actuates one of our sealed pendent switches which is mounted firmly in a stainless steel housing. For this application we use one of our low-button momentary switches like our B2, B5, or B9 series, but any of our waterproof B series switches can be used.

The final solution is completely waterproof, with custom leads and termination. An optional rubber plunger boot can also be added. This is also a perfect switch for many custom switch panel applications.

Mechanical Plunger Applications.

For the really harsh applications inside an engine block, or behind a vehicle hood or door as open detection, our J4 series plunger switches are the ultimate in survivable, reliable plunger switches. These switches are all stainless steel with an optional patented seal exclusion design which actually pushes out contaminants like dirt and dust from the housing with every switch depression.

For high temperature applications our J4 plunger even comes with a heat-sink variation that allows for almost 400F operation at the plunger. This is our J4401 series, high temperature limit switch.

For high temperature, high pressure, long travel applications, these switches withstand the most extreme operating conditions.

No Limits on our Plungers

As manufacturers of high durability plunger switches for over 70 years, we’ve got the experience and field resume that insures your search for a reliable plunger switch ends here.

Give CPI a call today to discuss your applications.

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