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Panel Mounted Switches Save You Time and Money

CPI Waterproof Switch Panel

While most manufacturers are familiar with our line of waterproof switches, and the hundreds of part numbers in our waterproof limit switch line, many don’t realize that our switches can be specified in a subassembly, ie a stainless steel panel, custom built for your form factor requirements and ready to mount in your application.

CPI Waterproof switches offer massive flexibility

Of course then there are a boatload of electrical, temperature, endurance, and ergonomic options you can specify for your basic waterproof panel mount switch. Just some of the customizable parameters of our panel mount switches include:

  1. Voltage/Current Ratings
  2. Electro-mechanical Endurance Rating
  3. Actuation and travel parameters
  4. Temperature ratings, down to -50F and up to 221F
  5. Switch Panels pre-wired in series or parallel or your custom configuration.

In all our switches, the internal switching mechanism is a snap-action copper sine blade spring with a riveted contact. The standard contact material is silver alloy with gold alloy and gold-plated silver contacts available upon request.

Waterproof Panel Mount Switches in Action

Over the years CPI has collected dozens of applications for its waterproof switch panels including:

  • Marine and Boating power on/off applicationsCPI Pre-wired waterproof dual switch panel
  • Outrigger control on work trucks
  • Winch and Lift Gate Control
  • Sanitation vehicle garbage compactor controls
  • Trailer Hitch controls
  • Horn Activation
  • APU activation
  • Generator Control
  • Crane Operation

And many, many more.

Canned and Custom Switch Panel Products

Over the years CPI has developed some standard panel configurations that meet 90% of the requests we get. These simple panels have one or two switches on them and can have wire lead lengths and terminations that are completely specifiable by the customer

Common examples of this are our K1163-501 and K1164-501 Single and Dual Panels respectively, using variations of our high actuation high force pendant switch. High actuation is better for gloved operation and high actuation force insures that the switches wont easily be activated by accident.

Panel Mounted Waterproof Pendant Switches for Your Equipment

If you have a rough duty piece of equipment begging for a reliable waterproof switch, its highly likely we have an off the shelf product that far exceeds the reliability and capability of what you have now. And we can even stick it in a stainless steel waterproof panel for you

Give CPI a call today to discuss your waterproof panel needs.

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