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Novaer Trainer Will Take To the Sky with CPI

Thermal switches for aircraft and avionics systems

It was a number of years ago that enterprising aviation experts at Embraer, Brazil’s largest aircraft manufacturer, noticed that the market for turboprop planes was dominated by foreign imports. Despite Brazil being the second biggest market for general aviation the trainer used at the Brazilian Air Force Academy is over 40 years old and lacks the most basic advances in materials and handling of modern turboprops.

Privately owned Novaer was formed by ex-Embraer employees with the goal to produce a general purpose small turboprop that could update these aircraft as well as having handling characteristics worthy of an aerobatic single engine monoplane.

T-Xc Calls on CPI for Thermal Switch Solution

The T-Xc had its first flight in 2014 and is headed for production in 2017. Like many aircraft CPI Thermal Switches for Aircraft and Avionicsthe Novaer T-Xc has requirements for critical temperature monitoring and control in the ECS equipment bay. This is an enclosed area housing critical avionics systems where temperature needs to be tightly monitored. This application is no stranger to CPI thermal switches. On the T-Xc Novaer will use our M2001 Plug-Stat switch. This is a bimetal close-on-rise switch with a programmable set point anywhere through the range 0F – 650F (-17C to 343C). It is also a tough and hardened switch proven to withstand vibration with an all stainless steel construction and a hermetically sealed design. Electrical operation can be specified in multiple options and there is an option for a glass sealed MIL-SPEC connector as well.

CPI Thermal Switches Own the ECS

With reliable temperature detection and switch activation from 0F to 1750F across our product line, CPI products have been a go-to solution for ECS temperature monitoring for many aircraft manufacturers and military aircraft for many years. The switches are proven, reliable, heavy duty, and cost effective.

If you need your equipment to keep its cool when you take to the skies, call CPI today, our thermal switch engineering team can help.

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