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CPI Panel Mount Waterproof Switches

While there are hundreds of part numbers in our waterproof limit switch line, there’s only a couple basic ideas you need keep straight to understand how it all works.

For the engineers among you, here’s an equation that might help.

(Sealed Pendant Switch) + (Mounting Bracket) = Your Ideal Waterproof Switch!

Waterproof Pendant Switches
CPI’s Sealed Waterproof Pendant Switch

Of course then there are a boatload of electrical, temperature, endurance, and ergonomic options you can specify for your basic pendant switch.  Likewise there are numerous stainless steel mounting brackets our switches will fit into including lever mount, roller, pipe mount, simulated lever, and of course hundreds of customizable options etc.

Some of our clients don’t even opt for a mounting bracket at all, preferring to hand actuate their switch or simply tie wrap it to their cab roll bar, bicycle handle, fishing rod, or whatever other unique application they have.

One other option that isn’t spoken about so often is our waterproof panel mount switch option. In this case we not only provide you a panel mount option for your chosen waterproof pendant switch, we provide you the panel too.

Waterproof Panel Mount Switches in Action

Enter Loadmaster of Norway Missouri, manufacturers par excellence of refuse collection vehicles (ie. garbage trucks). Loadmaster recently selected such a configuration for their latest fleet of high compaction rear-loaders as shown below:


In this application two custom CPI panel mounts were developed that are easily bolted to either the loadmaster-cpi-panel-mount-waterproof-switchesside of the vehicle. Meant to be operated by men with gloved hands, the switches selected allow operators in the rear to signal the driver in the cab when ready to move, or allow the operators to manually advance the compression throttle as a safety feature prior to moving the vehicle.

Selected for this was our K1163-501 and K1164-501 Single and Dual Panels respectively, using variations of our high actuation high force pendant switch. High actuation is better for gloved operation and high actuation force insures that the switches wont easily be activated by accident.

Panel Mounted Waterproof Pendant Switches for Your Equipment

If you have a rough duty piece of equipment begging for a reliable waterproof switch, its highly likely we have an off the shelf product that far exceeds the reliability and capability of what you have now. And we can even stick it in a stainless steel waterproof panel for you.

Why not make the switch to CPI today?

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